What are other websites like ioffer.com?

List of Popular Sites Like Ioffer? eBay, Craiglist, Newegg, Backpage, Oodle, Gumtree, Letgo, Zibbet.com, uBID.com.
What are other websites like ioffer.com?
  1. 1About ioffer

    It is an online trading platform that operates on a negotiated commerce model. The best thing about this website is that customers can post any item for sale, but they would have to pay a fee when the item is sold.

    A Seller can quote the price or request offers, and buyers can purchase it at the selling price or negotiate. It has millions of users globally, and as per their about us page, they have more than a hundred million items.

  2. 2Other websites like ioffer.com

    In today’s time, there are very few businesses without competitors. The same goes for the online website as well, there are a plethora of other websites that offer similar features like ioffer.com, and some are even better. The best alternatives to ioffer.com are-

  3. 3eBay

    It is an auction website where you can buy clothes, electronics, jewellery, cameras, watches, Apparel, and much more. This website started back in 1995, and its founder is Pierre Omidyar. It enables both the buyers and sellers to securely exchange goods globally, along with an option of various products to choose from.

  4. 4Craiglist

    This website started in 1995, and its founder was Craig Newmark. This is an excellent website for local classifieds and forums. It enables the customers to upload the goods for sale, plus they can also post jobs, services, and other items that they want.

  5. 5Backpage

    This website was launched in 2004, and its founders were Michael Lacey and James Larkin. This website is best for posting classified ads for a broad range of products and services like real estate, job listing, and car sales.

  6. 6Oodle

    There were three founders of Craig Donato, Faith Sedlin, and Scott Kister. This website started in 2004 and became really famous as an online marketplace and search engine for classified ads. This website is said to be one of the giant classifieds aggregators in the world.

  7. 7Gumtree

    This website was launched in 2004, and its founders were Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall. This is a British, classified website, but it started as a local classified website just for London.

  8. 8Letgo

    This website was started in 2015 by Jordi Castello, Alec Oxenford, Enrique Linares. This website enables users to sell and purchase goods locally. It provides numerous product categories, such as clothes, cars, electronics, and much more. (See Why do websites disable right-click?)

  9. 9Wallapop

    This website was started by Agustin Gomez, Gerard Olivé, Miguel Vicente in 2013. This website is also for selling and buying goods and services. Buyers can upload brand-new or pre-loved items on-site, and sellers can select from the wide selection posted online.

  10. 10Newegg

    They originally started as a retailer for computers and IT products. After some time, they added a new feature where third-party sellers could post their wares on the website and then expanded to other categories. They provide products in several categories, such as Apparel, beauty products, arts & crafts, toys, jewellery, etc.

  11. 11Zibbet.com

    This website offers unique handcrafter products and trinkets. Zibbet.com provides vintage and handmade items, plus they have a global community in 133 different countries. This website was founded in 2009; here, the individual sellers manage the complete selling process.

  12. 12uBID.com

    It is the best alternative ioffer.com as it is an online website where buyers and sellers converge to peddle and search for stuff. Its functioning is similar to offer, where they can sell the products at a fixed price or through auction listings.

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