What are Bicycle Kicks?

What are Bicycle Kicks? Who invented this Kick? Which players are credited with the best Bicycle Kicks in the History of Football? How to perform this kick, and What are its basics?
what are bicycle kicks
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Though football has its origins in ancient history too, modern football was shaped by Walter Camp in the 19th century. He was an American football player and coach who earned the title of the Father of American Football. Well, since we are talking about football, does anyone know who invented bicycle kick? No issues, because today you will get to know about the inventor along with what are bicycle kicks and how to do a bicycle kick. You will also get to know about the first bicycle kick ever and the best bicycle kicks ever.

1. What are Bicycle Kicks?

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An acrobatic strike in which the player kicks the ball while it is in the air before it touches the ground is termed a bicycle kick. Other terms used for these types of kicks are scissors kick or overhead kick. In association football, this kick is known as one of the most celebrated kicks because of its uncommon performance and complexity. (See What’s a Brace in Soccer?)

2. Who invented Bicycle Kick?

According to the researchers, the possible invention of the bicycle kicks may have been during the 1800s. Around the Pacific ports of Chile and Peru when the ships were docked, British Mariners played football among themselves to kill time. Locals were impressed by the game due to its less equipment and easy rules. It is assumed that during that time someone may have performed the bicycle kick. (See When was the Unicycle Invented?)

3. Who hit the first Bicycle Kick ever?

However, some players have been credited with inventing the bicycle kick. The first recorded bicycle kick was hit by Basque-Chilean Ramón Unzaga in an official match in 1914. A famous Uruguayan author, Eduardo Galeano, mentioned in his book Soccer in Sun and Shadow that Ramón was the person who invented the kick on the field of Chilean port Talcahuano. Another player credited with the invention is a Brazilian football player, Leonidas da Silva. During a match between Bonsucesso and Carioca on 24-April-1932, he performed this trick. (See How many Rings does Tom Brady have?)

4. What are Types of Bicycle Kicks?

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After understanding what are bicycle kicks, let’s take a look at their variations. Depending upon the situation, a bicycle kick can be defensive or offensive. Take a look at the brief description of both these kicks:

  • When the player is facing the goal of his team, the attempt to block the incoming ball towards his goal is termed the defensive bicycle kick.
  • An offensive bicycle kick is when the player is facing the opponent’s goal. (See What are Hat Tricks in Soccer?)

5. Which Players hit the Best Bicycle Kicks ever?

As mentioned, these kicks need concentration, skill, and practice. And some great football players have mastered this skill. Here is the list of some of the best bicycle kicks in the history of football:

  • Angelo Vaccaro, an Italian football player, scored the bicycle kick in a match between Honved vs. Ferencvaros.
  • Christian Ronaldo, a Portuguese football player, scored a stunning bicycle kick in a match between Real Madrid vs. Juventus in the Champions League Quarter-Final.
  • Gareth Bale, a professional Welsh football player, struck the best bicycle kick of his career during a match between Real Madrid vs. Liverpool.
  • Oscarine Masuluke, a South African professional football player, scored the best bicycle kick during a match between Baroka FC vs. Orlando Pirates.
  • Wayne Rooney is an English professional football player who hit this mind-blowing acrobatic kick during a match between Manchester United and Manchester City.
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a Swedish football player who scored the best bicycle kick during a match between Sweden vs. England.

These players took what are bicycle kicks, and elevated them to another level. (See List of goalkeepers who played until their 40s)

6. How to do a Bicycle Kick?

To perform a bicycle kick, you need skills and athleticism. The basic requirement for the kick is that the ball must be in the air. It facilitates the player to hit the ball while doing a backflip. There are two conditions in which the ball approaches the player:

  • Coming towards the player in the air
  • Coming from above after a long kick by another player. (See How to Throw a Curveball?)

7. What are the Basics of a Bicycle Kick?

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Let’s take a look at the basics so that you can try it too:

Step 1 – You need to stand with your back towards the direction in which you want the ball to go. Make sure to select the position accurately because during the kick you will not be able to look towards your targeted location.

Step 2 – Lift the knee of your other leg with which you will not be kicking the ball. To do this, you will be pushing yourself off the ground with the help of your kicking foot. The higher you are raising your kicking foot, the better it will be while creating the required momentum.

Step 3 – As you are raising yourself off the ground, make sure to keep your head and shoulders backward. If you have understood the concept of what are bicycle kicks, you will get this point easily. This stage seems like you are trying to evade the ball, and it is necessary to avoid injury. However, do not throw your head back too quickly. You have to focus on the ball and kick.

Step 4 – Lift your kicking foot higher as you fall backward. It is similar to the paddling motion of a bicycle. You have to bring down your non-kicking foot back to the ground and lift your kicking foot higher in the air in order to reach the ball.

Step 5 – Strike the ball using the ridge of the hardest part of the top of your foot. Though it is not possible to get the best point to hit the ball, you can still focus and hit the spot on the ball every time you try.

Step 6 – It is necessary to brace yourself during such kicks. Spread your arms as wide as possible with your palms facing the ground. This will create a brace and prevent your back and hips from getting hurt along with maintaining balance.

So, did you understand what are bicycle kicks? Today, along with the concept, you also got to know who invented bicycle kick, how to do a bicycle kick, the best bicycle kicks ever, and the first bicycle kick ever. (Also read Best Football Cards to Invest in)

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