What are Baby Platypus Called?

Is Baby Platypus known as Puggles? What are the other Cute Baby Platypus Names? What do they Look like? Where are they Found?
Platypus 1. What are baby platypus called?

Baby platypus is popularly known as puggles, but it is a common misconception because there isn’t any official name. So, what are baby platypus called? A common name platypus was suggested since the name seemed specific enough when referring to the baby platypus, unlike the word baby platypus puggles, which refers to both baby platypus and baby echidnas.

1. What is a Platypus?

Platypuses originate in Australia and are small amphibians with beaver-like tails and webbed feet. This helps them swim quickly in water to catch their prey. Although platypuses are considered mammals, they belong to a special category of mammals that lays eggs, known as monotremes. Thus, they are amphibious & oviparous in nature. Moreover, they are semiaquatic carnivores too. 

2. Where are they Found?

Platypuses are normally found in eastern Australia, from the tropics of north Queensland to the freezing snow terrains of Tasmania. They also live in the Australian Alps, near the areas close to the sea. In north Queensland, they live in rivers east of the Great Dividing Range. They make their home near freshwater creeks, rivers, lakes, and even in water storage. Usually, they prefer to stay in freshwater because of their electroreceptors that help to navigate to find their prey. They are most active during the dawn or the dusk, varying as per the season prevailing. Read ahead to find out what are baby platypus called. (See Does it Snow in Australia?)

Platypus 2. What are baby platypus called?

3. What are Baby Platypus Called?

Platypuses are known by many names, such as duckbill, duck-billed platypus, watermole, and duckmole. Scientifically, it is called Ornithorhynchus anatinus. But, what are baby platypus called? Although not named officially, baby platypus has various different cute names that people love to call them by. These include platypup, platypi, pug, and more commonly, puggles. (See Top 8 World’s Smallest Animals)

4. How are Baby Platypus Puggles Born & Fed?

The female platypus, when ready to give birth to the young ones, makes burrows using claws under the ground, near the riverbank. She then seals her eggs in one of her tunnels. The burrows are usually deeper than the normal ones they make to live in. Additionally, they are capable of regulating their body temperature around 32 degrees. The gestation period of the eggs is at least two weeks and the incubation period takes six to ten days. After that, they are hatched, and the bean-sized babies are born. The tiny platypuses come out from the egg easily because of their tooth.

Like other mammals, platypuses too produce milk to feed their newborns. But they do not have nipples. So instead, the mother platypus feeds her young ones through her mammary hairs, and they are then nursed for about three to four months. Then, when they can swim on their own, they leave the burrows. Male and female platypuses become fully grown in between 12 to 18 months.

5. How do they Look?

Platypus size ranges from 38 to 60 cm, and the males are usually larger than females. They have aquatic features that include a streamlined body structure with a dorsally placed eye and a nostril. They have a conical bill equipped with specialized nerve endings, called electroreceptors. Moreover, they have dense waterproof fur and extensive webbing on the front foot. The fur on their skin is dark to light brown to the lighter fur beneath. While both male and female platypus are born having ankle spurs, the male platypuses are known for being venomous. 

A baby platypus puggle has teeny-tiny eyes, a flat head, and silky-smooth hair. (See 7 Sugar Glider Habitat Facts)

Platypus 3. What are baby platypus called?

6. Baby Platypus in the Media: Real or Not?

The first news relating to a baby platypus was published on 9th January 1944. The discovery of the first platypus made headlines, and the topic was spoken about for more than two months. The viral photo of a baby platypus posted all over the internet is just human-made art. It is a handmade craft design made by the polymer clay artist, Vladimir Matić-Kuriljov. This post was mistaken for a real baby platypus. However, the platypus of this post looked different from the usual appearance, but it was cute, which made it go viral on the internet. Have you seen it yet?

7. Can you have Puggle as a Pet?

No, a baby platypus cannot be kept as a pet since it is illegal in many countries, including Australia. Moreover, theories suggest that keeping a platypus in captivity is high maintenance. Thus, it is not recommended to keep a puggle as a pet. (See Can you have a pet squirrel?)

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