What a plane crash feels like?

What does it feel like to be in a plane that is crashing? What Happens To Your Body When You Die In A Plane Crash?
  1. Hard to breathe

    According to the account of one survivor, it becomes very hard to breath as the plane disintegrates. If there is a lot of fire then the available oxygen can run out fast, making it even harder to breath.

  2. Grey particles everywhere

    According to the account of one survivor, so much dust clouded vision as parts of the plane broke down. The survivor described that by saying that things turned grey as the particles filled the air.

  3. Fire and heat everywhere

    According to John Diaz, who survived a 747 plane crash, fire could be seen everywhere, while heat can be intensely felt as things around people melt.

  4. Not being aware of injuries

    More than one survivor talked about being too focused on what’s going on that they didn’t notice they had broken bones.

  5. Things become weightless

    According to a survivor, everything becomes weightless, probably because the plane is falling. Shortly, those objects turn into projectiles that can hit anybody and injure him severely. (See What does it feel like to drown?)

  6. Very severe impact

    According to one survivor, whose plane hit the water, the impact is worst than any car accident ever.

  7. Thinking about death

    Many survivors said that they had thoughts about death as their planes were falling. Some thought of their families, while others thought about the lives they lived. (See What does it feel like to die?)

  8. Very loud noise

    Many survivors reported hearing very loud noises during the crash with some screams in between.

  9. Seeing the plane shatter into pieces

    In some cases, the plane can shatter into pieces. In such cases, people see parts of the plane breaking apart and disappearing.

  10. Many people stay calm

    According to the accounts of many survivors, many people actually remain calm with a few ones panicking.

  11. Intense shaking

    During emergency landings many people reported intense shaking where it became very hard to remain standing.

  12. Steep falling

    A woman survivor described the fall as steep falling into nowhere. She had her head on her knees and felt her hair flying as it was pulled back by the effect of the fall.

  13. Objects hitting the face

    People who didn’t properly take the brace position reported that many objects hit their face, sometimes sharp ones, in addition to dust.

  14. Being unaware of the danger

    In many cases, the passengers seemed like they were unaware of the extent of the danger even as their planes were falling with relatively fast speeds.

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