Ward Cunningham Contributions

Who is Ward Cunningham? Which Organization did he form with his Wife, and What was the Purpose behind it? What are Cunningham’s Law and WikiWikiWeb? Where did he work as an Employee, and What is his net worth?
Ward Cunningham contributions

After the invention of the internet, on 1st January 1983, various websites were launched around the same time. Information about almost everything in the world is available on the internet. Several people must be credited for making our lives easier through various platforms and one such person is Ward Cunningham. If you are not familiar with him, keep reading because along with him, you will get to know about Cunningham’s law and Ward Cunningham net worth.

1. Howard G. Cunningham

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He is an American computer programmer, writer, and website developer. He is credited with developing the first wiki on the internet. Not only this, he has been a speaker on topics like wiki, internet, programming, and development. (See Cunningham Name Origin)

2. Early Days and Education

He was born on 26th May 1946, in Michigan City, Indiana, and grew up in Highland before he completed his secondary schooling. He did a bachelor’s in interdisciplinary engineering and a master’s in Computer Science in 1978 from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. (See Who is the most Famous Person in the World?)

3. Laying the Foundation of Cunningham & Cunningham

Having great knowledge helped him to move further in his career where he laid down the foundation of Cunningham & Cunningham. It was founded in partnership with his wife. This company served as a software consultancy firm. He also founded an educational non-profit organization, the Hillside Group, in August 1993. (Also read What is Elon Musk’s IQ? Is He a Genius?)

4. Purpose of the Hillside Group

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Cunningham founded this organization with the aim to help software developers to analyze and document common development along with design problems as software design patterns. The Hillside Group, through the sponsorship of the Pattern Languages of Programs conference, supports the pattern community. (See How do You get to the Associated Limited Brands ACES ETM login?)

5. Inventions made by Ward Cunningham

He is known for the ideas that he developed into reality. Mostly, these ideas were Wiki and software design pattern based. After starting his consultancy company with his wife, he laid the foundation of WikiWikiWeb in 1995. Later in 2011, he created Smallest Federated Wiki. This was the tool for applying forking to the wiki pages. (See How Quora started?)

6. Cunningham’s Law

As per the theory of Cunningham, the best way to find an answer on the internet is not to ask a question. Instead, it is to post the answer. The reason behind this theory is that people likely prefer to correct others if they think the other person is wrong. The law author, Steven McGeady, named this theory Cunningham’s Law. Cunningham refused to own this law and considered it a misconception about roaming around the internet. (See Why do people link to other sites?)

7. Concept of WikiWikiWeb

Based on his theory, Cunningham launched WikiWikiWeb, on 25th March 1995. The term wiki is borrowed from the Hawaiian language, which means speak. Initially, Cunningham wanted to name the website as QuickWeb, but later his mind changed to WikiWikiWeb. This platform enables the user of the website to post questions and answers to the platform. The users can edit the data posted on the website. Ward Cunningham believes that the correct way to reach the right answer is to spread the wrong answer and the person with the right answer cannot keep himself from posting the right one. (See How Wikipedia Started?)

8. Working as an Employee

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To gain knowledge and understanding of various aspects, Cunningham worked as an employee too.

  • He was the Director of Research & Development (R & D) at the Wyatt Software.
  • Principal Engineer in the Tektronix Computer Research Laboratory.
  • Served as a part of the Smalltalk community.
  • At Microsoft, he worked in the Patterns & Practices Group from December 2003 to October 2005.
  • He was appointed as the Director of Committer Community Development from October 2005 till May 2007 at the Eclipse Foundation.
  • He joined AboutUs (a wiki Internet Domain Directory) in May 2009 as the Chief Technology Officer. (See How to Deal with Difficult People at Work?)

9. Ward Cunningham Net Worth

As per the resources on the internet like IMDb, Forbes, and other platforms mentioned that the net worth of Howard Cunningham, the computer programmer, is $1 to 5 million, as estimated in 2020. So, Ward Cunningham is 70 years old, but his views and theories that came to be known as Cunningham’s law became the foundation of various search engines and informative websites. Well, hopefully, this gave you an insight into how the well-known Wiki came into existence. (See What Was Howard Hughes Net Worth When He Died?)

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