Video Summary: Final Fantasy 7’s Epic Story in 7 Minutes

Final Fantasy VII Remake review: An absolute epic | Video Summary: Final Fantasy 7’s Epic Story in 7 Minutes
  1. A big meteor hit earth

    Ancients were living happily until a meteor crashed into earth carrying an evil entity called Jenova. The ancients trapped Jenova and kept it dormant in the north crater where she remained dormant.

  2. Shinra discovered Jenova

    Shinra, the official government ruling, discovered Jenova’s body and extracted it. Two Shinra scientists decided to inject their unborn child with Jenova’s cells. They called the child Sephiroth.

  3. Aeris is the last of the Ancients

    Aeris was the last surviving Ancient or the last one of the Cetra.

  4. Sephiroth believed that Jenova is his mother

    Sephiroth and Cloud were sent on a mission to investigate a reactor. They realized that Shinra creates monsters. Sephiroth realized that he is a hybrid being who was created using Jenova cells. He believed that Jenova is his mother. He believed he and his mother are destined to rule the planet. (See Final Fantasy 7 Ending Explained)

  5. Cloud turned against shinra

    After cloud realized that Shinra were evil he turned against them and joined a rebel group that bombs Shinra’s reactors. Cloud met Aeris, the last of the Cetra.

  6. Shinra captured Aeris

    Shinra realized that there is a promised land full of mako energy, the energy they needed to run their reactors. Shinra knew that the ancients knew its place so they went after Aeris and captured her. (See How to defeat Lost Number – Shinra’s Mansion – FF7)

  7. Sephiroth killed president Shinra

    Sephiroth busted into Shinra’s HQ then killed president Shinra.

  8. Cloud realized Shinra is destroying the planet

    Cloud and his crew realized that Shinra was destroying life on the planet with its reactors.

  9. Aeris was killed

    Sephiroth decided to let a large meteor hit the planet to allow himself to absorb its energy. Aeris went with Cloud and crew to the city of the ancients to stop that plan but Sephiroth killed her.

  10. Cloud lost his mind

    Cloud was fooled to believe that he was just a clone of Sephiroth. He lost his mind for sometime. Sephiroth summoned the meteor and large creatures called weapons were unleashed by the planet. Weapons were supporsed to defend the planet but they started burning villages instead.

  11. Cloud realized the truth

    With the help of Tifa, Cloud realized that he is a real person and not a clone or a puppet.

  12. Cloud defeated Sephiroth

    Cloud and his crew went to the north crater and managed to kill Sephiroth and kill the planet.

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