Video Summary: Venice and the Ottoman Empire: Crash Course World History #19

How would you describe the relationship between Venice and the Ottoman Empire? Venice and the Ottoman Empire | Crash Course World History
  1. Venice was built for ocean trade

    Venice, which seems like a floating city, was built for ocean trade. The Venetians were good at building ships and sailing them for trade.

  2. Venice was a trade partner to many countries

    Venice formed trading ties with the Ottoman empire, the byzantine empire and the Islamic empire.

  3. The Egyptians controlled trade routes

    The Egyptians controlled trade routes through the red sea. They didn’t welcome the Europeans because of the previous crusade wars. This is one reason why Venice was built of marble, as it was hard to import other material.

  4. The Venetians stole the body of Saint Mark

    Saint Mark died and was buried in Alexandria, Egypt. His body was stolen by Venetians and put in a ship carrying pork which the Muslims didn’t check carefully.The body was then moved to Italy.

  5. Venetians imported grains from the Ottoman Empire

    Venetians were in need of grain because they had a limited area to plant crops. The Ottoman Empire had lots of grains even before taking over Egypt which had fertile soil.

  6. The Ottoman Empire lasted for a long time

    The Ottoman Empire lasted from 13 C.E until 1919, making it one of the richest and the longest empires to last.

  7. The Ottomans were the greatest in the 15th and the 16th century

    Mehmed The Conqueror ruled from 1451 to 1481 and expanded the Ottoman control to the Balkans and this is why there are still Muslims in Bosnia. Suleiman The Magnificent ruled from 1520 to 1566 and the Ottoman Empire expanded greatly under his lead. (See Video Summary: Buddha and Ashoka: Crash Course World History #6)

  8. Suleiman The Magnificent’s achievements

    Suleiman The Magnificent took over Egypt, thus secured the trade routes on land as well. He defeated the king of Hungary and turned the Ottomans into a huge naval power. The Ottomans controlled about half of what the Romans ruled.

  9. How the Ottomans ruled

    The ottomans converted some of the christian boys to Islam then turned them either into elite fighters or government bureaucrats.

  10. The Ottomans took taxes from Venetians

    The Ottomans allowed Venetians to do their trade freely and they only took taxes from them. This relationship was beneficial to both the Ottomans and the Venetians. As a result, Venice became a very rich country and it led to the improvements that took place in Europe.

  11. Cultural exchange

    The relationship between the Ottoman empire and Venice led to a cultural exchange between Europe and the middle east that allowed the flow of ideas. (See Video Summary: The Vikings – Crash Course World History 224)

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