Vending Machine Deaths

How do Vending Machines Work? What is its Origin & History? Do People Really Die because of Vending Machines?
Vending Machine Deaths

Vending machines are input-output machines designed to provide daily essentials. However, you must have noticed a fall in the number of vending machines recently. In this article, we will discuss what vending machines are, when they were invented, and how vending machine deaths are caused, making their use less common than before. Continue reading to find out more!

1. Vending Machine Definition

A vending machine is an input-output machine that works on an automation task system. When you provide an array of variables that can be recognized by the machine, it accepts, checks & records them. They check and match the required output available, and give the corresponding product to the user. In simpler words, a vending machine

  • takes a sum of cash, credit card, or a specially designed card as an input,
  • and the user selects what they want to initiate the process of output.

These vending machines have a variety of products such as snacks, drinks, beverages, lottery & money. (See How Lighters Work?)

2. The First-ever Vending Machine

  • The first-ever vending machine design was traced back to 70 A.D. It was built by an engineer, Roman of Alexandria, who was also a mathematician, during the beginning of the first century. The machine he made didn’t offer the variety of choices that the vending machines offer nowadays as its basic function was to provide water. When a coin was deposited, it would fall on a pan that was attached to a lever that opened up a valve to allow the flow of water.
  • The first modern vending machine, however, was built in the taverns of England in the year of 1615. It was made to vend tobacco and cigarettes at that time. It was made of brass, thus making it portable.
  • The first automated working vending machine was built in 1867. It dispersed stamp paper and the developer, Simon Dehman was awarded a British Patent no.706. (See How to Remove Small Stripped Screws?)

3. The History of Vending Machines

Although what Roman of Alexandria built was very expensive for that time, it cannot be considered as a vending machine by modern standards.

  • The true modern form of the automated vending machine was introduced thirteen years after Simon Dehman’s vending machine in 1883 by Percival Everitt. It was used for dispensing postcards, notepapers & envelopes, and soon became a common sight at post offices & railway stations.
  • The U.S. also saw this as a big opportunity and made their first vending machine for bubble gums. It was made by Thomas Adam Gum Company in 1888 in New York City.
  • Later the idea of adding games, snacks, and beverages also came along.
  • This idea was also soon adopted in the form of ATMs to deposit or withdraw money. (See How Does a Remote Control Work?)

vending machine deaths

4. Mechanism of Vending machines

  • When you enter a special card, or credit card in the deposit section, the machine reads it. It checks the amount that is available on the card and allows you to choose from an array of options.
  • When you deposit coins or cash, there are multiple sensors that detect whether the deposited coin or cash is real or not. If it is fake it will pop up the message accordingly and if it is real, it will check the amount you’ve added. It won’t allow you to buy anything that exceeds that limit.
  • Once the process is done, you can choose an option, press it and the desired product will come down the container. (See 11 Interesting Facts About Bubble Wrap)

5. Vending Machine Deaths Per Year Worldwide

Vending machines come in several categories nowadays. One such customized vending machine is a casino slot machine, which can be dangerous as it sends out objects at an alarming speed. It is usually managed by the host of the casino. However, people still die because of it. People have died because of kicking or punching a vending machine as well. As a result, an interesting fact, vending machines kill more Americans than a shark.

Vending machine deaths are more likely to happen with 1 in 112 million probability. Whereas shark attack deaths have a 1 in 250 million chance. Statistics reveal that more than 37 vending machine deaths have occurred since 1978.  (See What does it feel like to die?)

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