Undeliverable as Addressed but Address is Correct

What is the Mailing Service? What happens to Mail that is not delivered, or What happens to Mail without stamp? What are the different kinds of Mailing Modes?
undeliverable as addressed but address is correct
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Sometimes it happens that you may receive a notification that says your mail is undeliverable as addressed but address is correct. So, what happens to mail that is not delivered or what happens to mail without stamp and no return address. Let’s find out here all the facts and what does is means exactly by undeliverable as addressed but address is correct!

1. What is the Mailing Service?

A mailing service, also known as a postal service, is a type of service that is handled by an organization or a large group of people that are working under an authoritative figure. The basic task of a mailing service is to transfer, ship, post, or mail an item provided by the sender to the destination of the recipient. A fee is taken and some formalities done, and when the item is mailed to the recipient with a success rate of eighty-eight to ninety-five percent. However, there might be some instances when the mail is not delivered. (See Does Mail Come on Sunday in the US?)

2. What is the Brief History of the Mailing Service? 

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The most famous postal services are the United States Postal Services (USPS), which was formed 50 years ago in 1971 and has a marginal sale of over a billion dollars. You will be surprised to know that the postal system of India, which is known as India Post is a century older than the postal services themselves. It was formed in 1854, about 168 years ago.

Though India is not the first postal service, the crown (British) established it in Scotland during the midst of the 1700s. Those postal services worked only within the local towns and cities, which then slowly grew over countries. The first conceptual postal service is about 2000 years old, between 62 BCE and 14 CE. It was proposed by Augustus Caesar and used the fast horse as a mode of transport. To know about the facts related to undeliverable as addressed but address is correct, read on. Also, check out Who Invented Paper Money?

3. How do Mailing Services work externally?

When the postal service receives an item, they ask for the sender to put down their address as well as the recipient’s address. Depending upon the country the shipment originated from, a country or a place it is going to, the type of product, or whatever the case is, a stamp is provided on the shipment as a sign of unique ID so that during the transfer, it can be easily recognized and sent to the desired location.

It usually travels from one office to a hub and then to another office when the parcel is sent in the same country but in a different state. Although the number of days depends on multiple factors, the parcel is often delivered over 3-5 days. (See What do they mean by Address Line 2?)

4. How do Mailing Services work internally?

The above segment described the work that is done externally, but there are some rules and regulations that are needed to follow according to the algorithms that are provided by the company. Whenever a package is received, they give it a unique ID through which it can be tracked. Then, a regular and an automated path is chosen by default and is used accordingly, each time it reaches a certain destination, it is marked at its last checkpoint.

So, if any problem happens after that, it reaches back to that checkpoint rather than going back to the sender or the starting office. Each time a checkpoint is crossed, a checklist is ticked mark and the seal is given to confirm what stage it has reached. Once the package reaches the destination, the consignee or the receiver signs the documents as a form of approval and the sender is notified of the delivery success. (See What do they Mean by Address Line 1 and Address Line 2?)

5. What happens to Mail that is not delivered?

In case the mail is not undeliverable or showing undeliverable as addressed but address is correct, which can happen due to many instances like the address or pin code is incorrect, or it may be because the stamp is not used. Then in those instances, the company usually calls the sender or the receiver to clarify the issue and generate a solution. It is usually through correcting the address or the pin code, they clear the confusion out as it is a much more common issue. Moreover, the companies don’t even call the user unless the situation is out of control or external help is required either from the sender or the receiver. (See  What Is The Address Of Uber Headquarters)

6. What happens to Mail without Stamp and No Return Address?

Or you may ask why my mail is undeliverable as addressed but address is correct? Well, there are some instances when the mail is without the stamp and no return address is given to process. This creates a lot of problems and confusion for the company as it is a hassle to track down when there is nothing to help. In this case, the sender is called upon to clarify the address and a fee might be taken from the user.

However, a few times when it is undeliverable as addressed but address is correct, the money is credited back to the user if they are unable to contact them. But if the user fails to collect the item or refuses to pay the amount, then the item might get seized and a lawsuit might ensue against the user. (See What Kind of Information do you need?)

7. What are the different kinds of Mailing Modes? 

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There are many kinds of mailing modes available, but usually, it boils down to three basic types that are land, air, and water.

  • The land mode is the most affordable and regularly used transport. If it is a light package like a group of mail or a letter, mail trucks are used, while for heavier goods, a cargo van or a cargo truck is used.
  • A cargo truck can typically carry a single box container or sometimes two whereas a ship can contain many of them, so a cargo ship or freight is used in case of carrying a load number of goods. Though it is the slowest mode of transport, it can carry the highest amount of load.
  • Air transport is the most expensive as well as the fastest mode of transport. If we take a single container box and send it to a destination, a ship, and a truck might take many days, but the plane will do it within twelve hours. (See Why can’t We go to Antarctica?)

8. What are some of the Mailing Services in the World?

Besides discussing why mail is undeliverable as addressed but address is correct, there are a few mailing, postal, or courier services in the world like the United States Postal Services, India Post, and British Posting. All of these are regulated by the government. However, there are some private courier companies as well like FedEx, which has become a very popular service. Another such service is DHL which works internationally and has acquired Bluedart which is a courier company for India.

Moreover, there are ZTO, OnTrac, Dicom in Canada, and Puralator but people usually prefer FedEx for the transfer of their goods as it is highly reputed among others and has been long in the game whilst not considering the government postal service. (Also read 9 Facts about Organizing a Flash Mob)

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