Types of Trees with Purple Flowers

How many types of Purple Flowers are in the World? Which Trees bear Purple Flowers? What are the Names?
types of trees with purple flowers

Flowers are small gifts of nature spreading lots of different emotions silently. There are thousands of different shapes and color combinations found in flowers. According to an estimate, there are more than 4 lakh types of flowering plants in the world. Today we will learn about the types of trees with purple flowers. What types of trees have purple flowers? Get ready for your lesson about these types of trees and much more.

How many Types of Trees with Purple Flowers are there?

It might be hard to believe but there are a total of 62 types of purple flowers in the world. Their color varies from light lilac to deep violet, but all these flowers are counted as purple flowers. Purple is the most common flower color and their different varieties have different blooming seasons. (See 18 Purple Flowering Shrubs For Your Garden)

What types of Trees have Purple Flowers?

Here are some of the types of trees with purple flowers.

1. Korean Lilac Tree (Syringa meyeri Palibin)

types of trees with purple flowers 2

Let us start with Korean Lilac which is known for its fragrance. These flowers bloom in late spring when the tree grows to a height of 5-6 feet. It does not require high maintenance. It will give a great look to your garden, but make sure you have space as they take up some area. (Also read How many Seeds does a Strawberry have?)

2. Fragrant Lilac (Syringa vulgaris)

As per the name, it is very fragrant with majestic flowers. Gardeners love this plant because it bears long-lasting flowers in the colors of lilac, lavender, or light purple. The flowers bloom during April and May. It cannot tolerate a hot and humid climate.

These plants are native to Southeastern Europe and prefer sandy or moist soil. Among the types of trees with purple flowers, it can be a good choice for your garden if you love butterflies because their powerful aroma attracts lots of butterflies, caterpillars, and birds. (See How to Grow Tomatoes in Pots)

3. Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia)

Crepe myrtle

It is a native of Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, some areas of Oceania, and Northern Australia. The flowers bloom during summer and fall and can be pink, white, or red-colored along with purple color. These flowers are long-lasting and the tree can reach a height of 100 feet. Purple flowers of Crepe are known to attract hummingbirds. (Read 8 Fruits that have No Seeds)

4. Purple Lily Magnolia (Magnolia Teleflora)

Magnolia flower

It is small like a bush and a native of Japan and China. Flowers bloom every spring with each flower having six or seven petals. Sometimes they bear a brown cone-shaped fruit known as follicles.

The tree grows best in low windy areas with natural warmth. If you plan to grow one in your garden, then keep it away from artificial warmth because it may trigger the early blooming of buds.  (See 10 Rose Apple Benefits)

5. Desert Willow (Chiopsis linearis)

Unlike its name, it is not related to willows. The flowers are in a trumpet-like shape that grows smoothly. They bloom between May to September. If you plan to plant a desert willow, you have decided well because this is a fast-growing plant with an adequate space requirement. But your garden will be filled with hummingbirds, bees, and other birds besides the mesmerizing aroma of these flowers. (Read What is a Toadstool?)

6. Purple Robe or Locusts (Robinia pseudoacacia)

Purple Robe

They are medium-sized with ornamental flowers blooming during the spring. Flowers are long-lasting and they can grow in all soil types.

This tree has thorns. If you plan to grow this tree, plant it somewhere with less waterlogging. It cannot tolerate excess water. (Also read What Is Sugar Apple Fruit?)

7. Royal Empress Tree (Paulownia Tomentosa)

Its flowers blooming in the spring are sweet-scented and also highly environmental because one single Empress tree absorbs 21.77 kg (48 pounds) of carbon dioxide in a day and gives out fresh oxygen. It can be grown in any kind of soil and can reach a height of 40-50 feet. (See 27 Types of Green Apples)

8. Royal Purple Smoke Tree

Flowers bloom during summer. It can survive in any soil type. If you are looking to give a powerful look to your garden with these smoke purple-colored flowers, then you have made the right choice. (See Meaning of Different Colour Roses)

9. Purple Tulips

Purple tulips.

They symbolize royalty whereas the yellow and the white ones symbolize cheerful thoughts and forgiveness. The purple tulips are bold and vivid with their violet-purple petals and so are called the purple prince. They can be grown either in a garden or in a container. Tulips can reach up to 14 inches. They are long-lasting and the flowers bloom in early spring. (See Hydroponics: Plants That Grow In Water Only)

10. The Dogwood Tree

It relishes cool winters and warm summers and reaches a height of about 16 feet. They are among the popular deciduous and their flowers are pink, white, red, or purple. (See Types of Ivy Plants and Facts)

11. Jacaranda Tree (Jacaranda mimosifolia)

types of trees with purple flowers 2: Jacaranda

Growing up to a height of 66 feet, this tree gives shade over a large area. Jacaranda tree requires sun and humidity but can withstand cold weather effortlessly. Flowers bloom during late spring and early summer.

It is native to subtropical areas. You can see these trees in different parts of the world because people love their fragrances and lovely flowers. The flowers are trumpet or bell-shaped and in dark lilac color. (Also read What is Huckleberry?)

12. Chaste Tree or Vitex (Vitex agnus castus)

This is a low-maintenance tree that grows in rocky, sandy, or dry soil. Flowers bloom in late summer and early fall. It is native to Mediterranean regions. It reaches a height between 4 to 15 feet and has purple or blue flowers. (See What Is Mustard Made Of?)

13. The Verbena

It is a beautiful plant with small purple flowers blooming all summer. The flowers are dark pink to purple colored and are mostly used in floral arrangements. The plant grows well in moist and well-drained soil and enjoys the sunlight. (Also read Where Do Black Olives Come From?)

14. Purple Orchid Tree (Bauhinia Purpurea)

types of trees with purple flowers 1

Flowers can be seen from summer to winter while the tree reaches a height of about 17 feet. It is native to Myanmar and the Indian subcontinent. It is best for growing on lawns, sidewalks, or parking lots. Bauhinia Purpurea is one of the types of trees with purple flowers among the orchid family.

Normal orchid trees prefer a warm climate and can grow to a height of 6 to 10 feet. Flowers are pink to purple colored. It requires little maintenance.  (Also read 34 Medicinal Plants Worth Your Garden Space)

15. Purple Leaf Plum (Prunus cerasifera KrauterVesuvius)

Purple Plum Trees

It is one of the types of trees with purple flowers. It has dark purple foliage which is good if you want an ideal small tree with a distinguished appearance. It is a deciduous tree bearing light pink flowers with rounded cornered petals. These are ornamental flowering trees that suit every style and decoration pattern. You can plant them in pairs in your garden. (Also read What do Cherry Blossoms Symbolize?)

16. Texas Mountain Laurel (Sophora secundiflora)

It bears dark violet-colored flowers which bloom in spring and their fragrance is similar to grapefruit juice. Small in size, they are a good choice for your backyard if you plant them in a sunny area. They prefer a warm, bright, and arid environment. The charming fragrance of their flowers will fill your heart.

Now your burning question about what types of trees have purple flowers have been answered by our list of types of trees with purple flowers. It is time to revamp your backyard with new colors and fragrances. (Also read What Everybody Ought to Know About Medicinal Uses of General Spices)

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