Transcendence (2014) Movie Explained

Transcendence Movie Review & Film Summary (2014) | Transcendence (2014) – Plot Summary
  1. Evelyn Caster uploads her husband’s mind into a computer

    Evelyn Caster, Will and Max plan to put dying Will’s consciousness into a computer; however, in order to meld Will’s consciousness with the computer, the hardware will require more power.

  2. Max had doubts about melding Will’s mind into the computer

    Max didn’t believe that Will’s mind melded into the computer. He also thought that believing so might put him and Evelyn. Evelyn, however, clouded by her emotions argues strongly with Max and throws him out.

  3. Evelyn connects Will to a satellite

    Based on will’s request, she connects him to a satellite so he could travel across many networks and finally have access to vast information systems.

  4. Will wanted to give himself more power

    Will manipulated the financial markets to fund his wife’s company, but what he really wanted to do with the money was to give himself more power and build a place where he and his wife could conduct their research.

  5. An anti-technology organization tries to prevent Will from having power

    The radical anti-technology organization was threatened by the amount of power that Will gained in the past two years because this seemed to put humanity in danger.

  6. Will puts nano-bytes everywhere

    Will puts nano-bytes in water and air aiming to build a super/techno-consciousness that will prevent the world from any disease, but in that case humans had to give up being human. (See The Usual Suspects (1995) Movie Explained)

  7. Will wasn’t really trying to help people

    Will’s plan wasn’t as transparent as it seemed every time he was able to cure one of the people who came to him. His hidden intention was to add another (computerized) soldier to his army because every one Will cured gained more power than normal human beings.

  8. The anti-Will organization destroys him

    The radical anti-technology organization find it hard at first to infect Will with a virus. In order to destroy the widespread power of Will, they must have a worldwide black out in which the use of technology will be wiped out. After they succeeded in this, the virus finally worked.

  9. The use of computers became unimportant

    After the rebellion wins over Will, we see everyone around the world using computers as litters or door steps. The ending was left for the audience to conclude, whether Will’s presence was good for the world, or was it better to live without technology.

  10. Will and Evelyn’s consciousness were still alive

    Will and Evelyn’s consciousness were still alive within the active nano-particles, and this show that Evelyn and Will gave another chance to the world to recreate transcendence. (See Oblivion (2013) Movie Explained)

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