Top Flash Mobs around the World

What is a Flash Mob? What is Flash Mob known as around the World? What are the top and best Flash Mobs around the world? What are the Types of Flash Mobs? What are the things that lead to the success or failure of a Flash Mob?
top flash mobs around the world
Image by Mircea – See my collections from Pixabay

Dancing and singing are known as two forms of expressing merry and joy. However, these two forms of art are known as a source of entertainment too. Recently I got a chance to witness a flash mob after which I searched for various flash mobs around the world, obviously on the Internet. Well, do you know there are different types of flash mobs like orchestral flash mobs, virtual flash mob, hallelujah mall flash mob, instrumental flash mob, and mariachi flash mob.

1. Flash Mob

A group of people who suddenly gather at a public place, dance, and then disperse off in random directions is known as a flash mob. The purpose of such performances can be artistic expression, satire, and entertainment. Email, telecommunications, and media are various channels through which a flash mob can be organized. (See 9 Facts about Organizing a Flash Mob)

2. Concept of Flash Mobs around the World

The term flash mob is used for these groups around the world because of the way they gather, perform and fly away. If you have watched the movie Step Up then you know what I am talking about. Flash mobs are performed in various parts of the world to celebrate success, achievements, promotions, etc. (See What is a Community?)

3. Orchestral Flash Mobs

The group of students from a music school is also known to perform as orchestral flash mobs. They gather in any public place and give a glimpse of their talent. Performing in front of people like this boosts the confidence of students along with increasing the popularity of their music school. (See What is a Mountain Dulcimer?)

4. Virtual Flash Mob

dance practice: top flash mobs around the world 2
Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash

This virtual flash mob gained popularity during the pandemic period when people were unable to gather and perform. Art knew no boundaries, and this was proven with this innovative idea of flash mobs. This term can also be used for displaying or featuring a flash mob on virtual platforms. (See Best Way to Listen to Music on the Go)

5. Hallelujah Mall Flash Mob

The Christmas Food Court flash mob, Hallelujah Chorus, was organized in November 2010. It started with people having lunch in a busy food court. The place had holiday decorations on and suddenly a lady stood up, with a cell phone in her ear, and she started singing Hallelujah, the chorus from the famous song by Handel’s Messiah. Among the various flash mobs around the world, the video of this hallelujah mall flash mob was uploaded on YouTube where it received 50 million views very soon. Another flash mob in this song was The Canadians Handel Business Too. (See What Does Gangnam Style Mean?)

6. Instrumental Flash Mob

The term instrumental flash mob means the musical performance of people with musical instruments. It may also be used to refer to the flash mob performing in the instrumental version of any song. These kinds of flash mobs are organized to pay tribute to music or dance legends. It can also be performed to celebrate the success of a singer, dancer, musician, etc. Must read how to play the Trumpet for Beginners?

7. Mariachi Flash Mob

a masked person dancing: top flash mobs around the world 1
Photo by Mathias Elle on Unsplash

Mariachi music is a traditional regional Mexican music form that dates back to the 18th century. Mariachi music is composed mainly of string instruments. So, when a flash mob performance includes string instruments and people in regional Mexican dresses, then they are mariachi flash mobs. For example, the Tchaikovsky and Vivaldi flash mob in Indy. (See What Is Flamenco Dancing?)

8. Top Flash Mobs around the World

Here is a list of some famous flash mob performances around the world.

  • Backstreet Boys Flash Mob Dance in Ukraine
  • Beyoncé Single Ladies flash mob, London
  • Bollywood Flash Mob Dance in Times Square, New York City
  • Glee Flash Mob in Dublin, Ireland
  • Hammer Time Flash Mob in L.A.
  • Oprah Celebrating 25 seasons in Chicago
  • Seattle Flash Mob in Westlake Park
  • Sound of Music Flash Mob Dance in Belgium
  • Stockholm Tribute to Michael Jackson
  • T-Mobile Commercial. Also, check out the 16 famous flamenco dancers

9. Best Flash Mobs around the World

People consider these as the best flash mobs ever that took place around the world.

  • Flash Mob in the Copenhagen Metro on Griegs Peer Gynt
  • Russian flash mob on Puttin’ on The Ritz
  • Tchaikovsky Flashwaltz At Hadassah Hospital on Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers
  • The T-Mobile Welcome Back on Pop Music Medley
  • WestJet Surprise Christmas Flash Mob on Deck the Halls. (See 10 Best Ventriloquist in the World)

10. Reason for the Success of these Flash Mobs

Every flash mob is a result of complete passion and continuous practice and efforts put into it as a team. Take a look at some of the basic things that are necessary for making a flash mob successful.

  • The song chosen must be a famous one.
  • The choreography should be good and eye-catching.
  • There must be good coordination and communication.
  • Practicing will make things right and easy to execute on the spot. (See What does Running Through the Six mean?)

11. Reason for Failure of a Flash Mob

top flash mobs around the world 4
Image by Mircea – See my collections from Pixabay

Not every flash mob was a success because when the team lacks certain things it may lead to a weak or unsynchronized performance which is not going to be effective. 

  • Few people at the place of the performance.
  • No proper organization and coordination.
  • Lack of practice and a bad song can lead to failure too.
  • Faulty or inaccurate technology can also be a reason.

So, today you found out about flash mobs around the world. You also got to know about different flash mobs like orchestral flash mobs, virtual flash mob, hallelujah mall flash mob, instrumental flash mob, and mariachi flash mob. (Also read What are some good Songs to make a Texting Lyric Prank?)

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