Top 10 Ugliest Disney Characters

Top 10 Ugliest Disney Animated Characters | Top Ten Ugliest Cartoon Characters Ever
Top 10 Ugliest Disney Characters
  1. Gaston

    Gaston is one of the animated characters of Beauty and the Beast that is actually obnoxious. Although he is meant to be physically attractive in the animated film, it is difficult to perceive Gaston as a dapper due to his incredible ugliness. Numerous viewers find his chest hair horrendous.

  2. Anna

    Anna was a protagonist of the Disney film ‘Frozen featured in 2013. She also appeared as a deuteragonist in it’ sequel. Several viewers have voted her not only an ugly character but very self-centred. As in the movie, she had always cared about herself but not her traumatized sister.

  3. Merida

    Merida appeared as a princess of DunBroch in Brave. Although she played a lead role in the film, she is still considered one of Disney movies’ hated and ugliest characters. Most viewers are not fond of her hair and not appreciate her for overindulging in some haggis or rage knit.

  4. 4Simba

    Disney ‘Lion King’ film’s main character, introduced in 1994. Although Simba did also appeared in The Lion King II, this character could have been made more handsome as a lion. He is pretty subtle but not that cute.

  5. Genie

    Many of you would have seen him in the famous ‘Aladdin’ cartoon. He is the tritagonist of Aladdin’s film that was featured in 1992. He is considered to be obnoxious due to his massive giant structure. Moreover, his ponytail over his head makes him look nasty.

  6. Buzz Lightyear

    Buzz Lightyear is an animated character from the movie Toy Story. He appeared as a Space Ranger superhero and an action figure in all the series of this film. Buzz is a funny character that can make you laugh, but his toy type looks made of plastic makes him look disgusting.

  7. B.E.N

    It is the supporting character from the Disney film ‘Treasure Planet’ released in 2002. he appeared as an electric robot. Moreover, for Captain Nathaniel Flint, he assists him by becoming a navigator of the legendary space pirate. Despite his crucial role in the film, he is still ranked 7th as the Ugliest Disney characters because of his abhorrent looks. (See 10 Best Fat Cartoon Characters on TV)

  8. Madam Mim

    The cunning looks of this character make her one of the most hated Disney characters of all time. She appeared as an antagonist in an old Disney film ‘The Sword in the Stone’ featured a long time in 1963. She is a witch and Merlin’s rival. From her hair to her face, she is truly not admirable.

  9. Yzma

    Yzma is seen in the ‘Emperor’s New Groove’ franchise as an antagonist. She plays the role of a former advisor to Emperor Kuzco and an evil sorceress. Yzma is a malicious and distasteful character.

  10. Cruella De Vil

    It is a fictional character from the famous novel ‘The Hundred and One Dalmatians,’ written by Dodie Smith in 1956. Most of the viewers have voted herself to be a character full of evilness and hideousness. (See 10 Best Black Cartoon Characters of All Time)

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