Top 10 Strongest Beyblades

What is the strongest Beyblade in the World 2020? Top 10 Strongest or Most Powerful Bladers of All Time

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  1. 1 Ginga Hagane

    The one and only Ginga Hagane, who has been entitled as the number 1 blader in the world has also represented autumn of the four seasons. He can go to any extreme level to protect his friends and has an acute passion for Beyblade. He is known for his extraordinary bravery as he never gives up in battle and fights till the end.

  2. 2 Meteo L Drago

    Meteo L Drago is skilled with intensified spin stealing tactics and has an exquisite attack style. Hence, it is considered to be an ideal Beyblade for attacking type stadium. The only drawback of Meteo L Drago as compared to other Beybladers is that it has lesser stamina, so it can be counteracted when used with a flattened metal spike.

  3. 3 Lui Shirosagi

    Lui Shirosagi is a famous champion who is best known for winning five national championships in a row. Although he is not a rival, villain, or protagonist of his series, he is still ranked remarkably high. He has only lost a battle by only three of its competitors naming Shu, Aiger, and Free.

  4. 4 Ryuuga Kishatsu

    Ryuuga Kishatsu is also known as the Dragon Emperor. Seen in the Metal Saga Series, he was the most potent member of Dark Nebula and was an antagonist. He was seen terrorizing other bladers, which was admired by the audience.

  5. 5 King

    King represents the planet Mars, who is a part of the solar system Bladers. Just like his name, he takes pride in what he does, whereas sometimes, this attitude turns out to be unfavorable for him. He enjoys battling with robust opponents and most likely befriends them once the battle is over.

  6. 6 Galaxy Pegasis

    Galaxy Pegasis is one of the strongest, fastest, and profound Beybladers. He is eligible to compete and beat many of the opponents in one go, including Hell Kerbecs, Storm Capricon, Earth Eagle, and many others. It is best known for the utmost skills he has got, which can make him suck to the core or rock to the core!

  7. 7 Sakyo Kurayami

    From the beginning, Sakyo Kurayami is against Shogun Steel's protagonist Zyro Kurogane. The best part about this Beyblader is that he has won every match he fought and has never lost to any of his opponents. All the matches he fought have exhibited indecisive results.

  8. 8 Kai Hiwatari

    Kai Hiwatari owns one of the four sacred Bitbeasts, Dranzer. He is a protagonist of the original series and is a personality of pride and justice.  His character may seem to be quite severe at the beginning of the series, but his personality changes over time by the time he explores the importance of friendship.

  9. 9 Chris

    He is the winner Blader of the four seasons. Chris has extensive experience in being trained in rough environments and performing his job of being a blader to earn a living. He also owns the Blade phantom Orion B.D, which is one of the dominant Stamina Type Beyblades.

  10. 10 Ozuma

    Dragon Ryuga has showcased his fierce skills many a time while battling in the field and beating his opponents. He has proven that Kai isn't the only protagonist. He has beaten Tyson more than twice and would have ranked higher if he had not lost to Zeo Zagart.

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