The Witch (2015) Movie Explained

The Witch Movie Plot Ending, Explained | The Witch (2015) Film Summary
  1. The witch lives in the woods

    Early on, the witch is shown in the woods after she steals Thomasin’s infant brother. She uses him for blood magic, killing him afterwards.

  2. The magic is Christian folklore

    Christian folkloric stories of the 17th and 18th centuries had a lot of stories about witches and witchcraft.

  3. The goat represents the devil

    The goat that appears in the movie is one of the symbols of the Devil in Christian myths.

  4. The goat corrupts the family

    The family is corrupted by the presence of the Devil who appears as the goat. The Goat, Black Phillip, targets the children of the family, especially the twins, until he appears to Thomasin.

  5. Thomasin lived a sad life

    Thomasin presents a young female whose sexuality is repressed by her family. Her life was difficult as she lived in a small town and belonged to a poor family.

  6. She was easily corrupted

    Black Philip, who revealed himself to be the voice of Satan or Satan himself, appeared to Thomasin after killing her father in order to corrupt her and she easily listened to his voice and became corrupted by him. (See Oblivion (2013) Movie Explained)

  7. The family was chosen

    The family was chosen by Satan whose follower, the witch, took the first step in order destroy the already poor family by taking away the infant. Death took over the family one by one until only Thomasin was left.

  8. The witch is very old

    The witch grew very old. Satan wanted other followers. That is why Thomasin was chosen. (See The Usual Suspects (1995) Movie Explained)

  9. There were other girls

    There were other girls, or witches, that the Devil chose for himself at the end of the movie in the forest.

  10. The ending is left open

    The ending was left open for interpretation. It was meant to be true to the story of New England witches.

  11. Thomasin was accused of theft

    Thomasin was accused of stealing the Silver Cup by her mother. However, it was William who took the cup and sold it.

  12. The witch visited Caleb

    The witch took a younger body; however, it was shown that her hand was still wrinkled and old. He became possessed afterwards.

  13. Thomasin was attractive

    Thomasin was attractive, which is why Black Philip chose her to be one of his witches and it is the same reason why her mother showed signs of jealousy.

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