The Usual Suspects (1995) Movie Explained

The Usual Suspects: Why The Ending Still Works | The Usual Suspects (1995) Movie Explained
  1. Verbal is Keyzer Soze

    After the Hungarian killer described Keyzer Soze to the officers, a fax was sent to the police station of a drawn portrait that looked exactly like verbal that proved verbal was Keyzer Soze.

  2. Verbal used details at the office to make up the whole story

    When Verbal walked out of the station, Kujan realized that Verbal was lying this whole time using details from the office that he was being questioned in.

  3. Kobayashi was a name that Verbal made up

    Kobyashi, the guy that Verbal claimed was Keyser Söze’s representative, was a name that Verbal came up with after he looked at the name of the brand of Kujan’s mug, which was one of the things that made Kujan realize that Verbal was lying this whole time.

  4. There wasn’t cocaine in the ship

    The group were lured into thinking there was cocaine in the ship. Soze was only using them as a distraction so he would be able to get into the ship and kill Astro, who was the only man who can positively identify him. (See The Illusionist (2006) Movie Explained)

  5. Most of the events of Verbal’s story were true but fabricated

    Verbal told the whole story based on real events; however, he fabricated most of the names and the way people were killed at the shoot-out on the ship.

  6. The gang wanted to kill ‘Kobayashi’

    The gang wanted to kill Kobayashi because Keaton didnt beleive in Kyzer Soze, and he thought that Kobayashi was the one pulling the strings. (See The Suffering (2016) Movie Explained)

  7. Verbal was released on bail

    Verbal was arrested and then released on bail, and while he was leaving, he took his belongings; a gold watch, a gold lighter and a pack of cigarettes (the gold watch that Soze was wearing in the beginning of the film).

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