The true story behind Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2: The True Story Behind The Enfield Poltergeist | Inside the Real Story that Inspired the Conjuring 2!
  1. Peggy claimed her house is haunted

    In August 1977, the single parent, Peggy Hodgson, who lived in a house in Brimsdown, Enfield, England called the police after 2 of her 4 children reported seeing the furniture moving alone and hearing knocking sounds on the walls.

  2. The policeman saw a chair slide on the floor

    A police constable saw a chair sliding on the floor but he didn’t notice whether someone pushed it or whether it moved on its own.

  3. The story attracted press attention

    The story attracted lots of press attention until 1979 when the reports of demonic actions came to an end.

  4. Janet was caught faking an incident

    Janet, Peggy’s daughter, was caught on video camera faking an incident by bending spoons and attempting to bend an iron bar. Janet was also caught banging on the ceiling with a broom handle and then hiding the tape-recorder.

  5. Some believed Janet was a ventriloquist

    Ventriloquist Ray Alan believed that Janet was a ventriloquist and that she had the ability to change her voice and speak while barely moving her lips just like other ventriloquists do.

  6. Janet suddenly changed topics

    The voice Janet called Bill had the habit of suddenly changing topics just like the habit Janet had. This led more people to believe that Janet was faking everything. (See Why Do Some People Like Horror Movies?)

  7. Janet admitted faking a few events

    Janet said that she faked a few events but claimed that all of the rest of the events were real.

  8. Bill had the vocabulary of a child

    Bill, the strange voice that sometimes came out of Janet’s mouth, had the phraseology and vocabulary of a child. Some suggest that the voice was produced by false vocal chords.

  9. Some believed the haunting was genuine

    Some people believed that the haunting was genuine and that the events were triggered by a demonic presence.

  10. Janet was caught faking the levitating

    Janet was caught on camera faking the levitating part. While some believe the levitating was genuine, others said that it’s clear that Janet was just jumping off the bed. (See A list of Survival Horror Movies)

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