The Number 23 (2007) Movie Explained

What is the Number 23 Movie about? The Number 23 (2007) Film Summary
  1. Walter Sparrow is Fingerling

    Walter Sparrow (played by Jim Carrey) is actually the fictitious Inspector Fingerling.

  2. Walter wrote the story for himself

    Walter actually wrote the story for himself to conceal the truth from everyone else. Whether he wrote it to remind himself of the truth or to tell everyone the truth is unknown.

  3. Walter’s wife gave him the book

    His wife, Agatha Sparrow, gave him the book he wrote. Her intentions were not clear whether she wanted to help him remember or not.

  4. Walter suffered from a childhood trauma

    Walter suffered from a childhood trauma due to his mother committing suicide followed by his father.

  5. Walter suffered from amnesia

    Walter suffered from amnesia after the murder of Laura and attempting to commit suicide.

  6. Walter associates fictitious events with real people

    Walter’s imagination takes real people and uses their faces on the fictitious events that he wrote, which is why we see his mother as the suicidal blonde and why we see him as Fingerling.

  7. Walter’s wife was trying to help him

    Agatha was trying to help Walter in figuring out his past. However, that also brought back his obsession with the number 23. (See Logan (2017) Movie Explained)

  8. Walter is a changed man

    Walter reveals at the end of the movie that he is a changed man and that he is not a killer. However, his obsession with the number remains.

  9. 23 is just a number

    The number 23 is not associated with anything real in the movie. It only represents Walter’s obsession.

  10. Walter did the right thing

    Walter confessed his crime so that he could get a pardon and to release the psychiatrist who was innocent yet convicted with the crime of murder.

  11. Ned is Watcher of the Dead

    Ned, the dog that bit Walter at the beginning of the movie, actually belongs to the cemetery gardner and he wanted to lead Walter to the grave. (See Alien Covenant Movie Explained)

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