The Ninth Gate (1999) Movie Explained

What is the movie The 9th Gate about? The Ninth Gate Movie Explained & Film Summary
  1. Corso is a rare book dealer

    Dean Corso is a rare book dealer. He only buys and sells books that are very rare and difficult to find. His job is similar to a private inspector who finds rare books and gets them for his client.

  2. Balkan is a book collector

    Professor Boris Balkan is a rare book collector. He hires Corso to find him a book titled ‘The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows’.

  3. There are three copies of the book

    Balkan believes that only one copy is the original and the other two are works of forgery. That is the reason he hired Corso to inspect the other two copies by any means necessary.

  4. The Devil wrote one of the books

    Corso discovered that three out of the nine paintings of the book that Balkan gave him were signed with a different signature. The letters LCR stand for Lucifer, which is the devil’s name.

  5. There were 4 copies

    There were 4 copies of the book. However, one of them was a fake copy, which was burnt by people that Balkan sent to help Corso.

  6. All copies were real

    All three copies of the book were real. However, the drawings were different in all of the three real copies. Only three drawings in each book were real and signed by LCR.

  7. The girl is the witch

    In one of the nine real drawings, there was an image of a man sleeping with a witch. The Girl with blond hair that followed Corso and protected him in the time of need was that witch. (See Alien Covenant Movie Explained)

  8. Balkan wanted power

    Balkan wanted to be ‘equal to God’. However, when he had all the nine drawings and attempted to perform the ritual, he died with his own fire because one of the drawings wasn’t real.

  9. The drawing was with the twins

    The twins at the bookshop that was sold had the drawing all along, covered in dust and forgotten. When Corso went there again, he found the drawing and had acquired all nine drawings.

  10. The drawings told Corso’s story

    The nine drawings told Corso’s story exactly as it happened. He realized that when he had acquired them all and went to the place where the ritual was supposed to happen.

  11. Corso’s future is unclear

    Corso is last seen standing by the place where the ritual would happen according to the book then he was standing by a door with unearthly glow. A lot of people think that the girl was Satan and that Corso was her chosen one. However, it’s left to the audience to decide. (See The Devil’s Candy (2017) Movie Explained)

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