The negative psychological effects of mastubation

Masturbation and Anxiety: Is There a Connection? Does masturbation affect your mental health?

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  1. 1 Low self esteem

    If a person believed that masturbation is bad then each time he does that habit he will lose self esteem as a result of realizing that he is not strong enough to hold himself back.

  2. 2 Feelings of helplessness

    If a person wanted to break a habit but constantly failed to do it then he might experience intense feelings of helplessness. Those feelings of helplessness can lead to serious loss of self esteem. See why are some people addicted to porn.

  3. 3 Intense shame

    Depending on the extent with which a person thinks that masturbation addiction is bad a person can experience feelings of shame. See also how porn affects your brain.

  4. 4 Inferiority feelings

    Masturbation doesn't cause feelings of inferiority directly but as a result of the shame, guilt, low self esteem and helplessness a person experiences after masturbation he might feel inferior to others.

  5. 5 Depression

    Masturbation can result in depression if the people believed that he can't quit. Each time a person masturbates he might feel sad about his inability to quit and as a result he might get depressed.

  6. 6 Bad moods

    As a result of the sudden drop in Dopamine , the chemical that makes a person enjoys watching porn, a person might end up feeling down right after masturbation.

  7. 7 Intense mixed emotions

    A typical person might not experience all of the feelings described above but he might experience few of them. When more than one bad human emotion are combined together their effects usually multiply.

  8. 8 Regret

    If a person struggled for sometime before doing the habit then he might regret the fact that he didn't resist it. Also returning back to masturbation after a long period of abstinence can lead to intense guilt.

  9. 9 Intense guilt

    If a person thinks that masturbation is bad then he will feel guilty every time he does that habit. Feelings of guilt can be so intense that they can lead to mild depression that lasts for days.

  10. 10 The belief system determines the emotions

    Those emotions vary from a person to another depends on his own belief system. If a person thinks that masturbation is bad then probably he will experience some of the emotions described above. See video summary : The science of pornography addiction.

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