The Mystery of Devils Kettle Waterfall

Devils Kettle Waterfall: Where is it located? What is the mystery behind it? Why is it considered mythical?
devils kettle waterfall

Devils Kettle Waterfall is located in Judge C.R Magney State Park and was discovered in 2016. This Park is in Minnesota, U.S.A., and is located on the Northern shore of Lake Superior. People believe a crazy theory that things disappear there and never resurface. Now, the scientists are claiming that the mystery of Devil Kettle Falls mystery has been solved. Find out for yourself!

1. Origin of  Devils Kettle Waterfall

River Brule splits into two paths at a point called the Devil’s Kettle. This waterfall falls over 2.4km down a type of hard rock called rhyolite. It then flows towards Lake Superior. The Eastern path of this river flows down as a 15m waterfall downstream. The Western flow falls straight into a pothole, for a height of 3m where the river is believed to have just vanished.

2. The Devils Kettle Waterfall Mystery

As we know, the Eastern path of Devils Kettle WaterFall eventually meets up with Lake Superior. However, the alleged disappearing Western path of the river seems to be reaching somewhere else. It is considered so because there is no proof that the Western path falls at the bottom. However, according to geologists, the disappearing stream is not possible, as the rocks in the falls are incompatible with any such stream. But they’ve not been able to determine why the falls disappear either. (See What Is a Geode?)

3. Efforts to Solve The Mystery

Various people have tried to track where the water disappears. People have thrown everything ranging from coins to cell phones. Other things included clothes, toys, shoes, ping pong balls, bags, etc.

  • Some of them even threw GPS trackers into the water to track the location where the flow was going. 
  • Scientists have also tried to track the water by using harmless dye, but they could not reach any conclusion.

4. Assumptions About The Mystery

The disappearing waters are indeed baffling.

  • While the material of rocks is rhyolite and not limestone which could support such hidden water streams. Hence, rocks are not the answer to the mystery.
  • Moreover, there are no records of moving tectonic plates under the area.
  • But some theorized that a hollow lava tube may be formed under the rocks. (See Types of Rivers and Facts)

5. Devil Kettle Falls Mystery Solved

In order to solve the mystery, two hydrologists Heather Emerson & Jon Libbey measured the water volume both, above and below the fall and found that both the measurements were almost identical. It means that there cannot be a secret passage where the water deviates. The water is simply going at the base and joining the mainstream there. This was announced by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in 2017. Thus, the Devil Kettle Waterfalls mystery was resolved.

When asked about the hundreds of objects that were thrown and never showed at the surface, it was assumed that the force of the water smashed the things, and the debris was stuck at the whirlpool of the waterfall. (Also see What is personality of a person who loves sunset?)

6. Other Mysterious Waterfalls

Apart from Devils Kettle Fall mystery, there are some more mysterious and enchanting waterfalls in different parts of the world.

  • Glowing Horsetail in Yosemite National Park, California, USA is a glowing waterfall that shines like hot lava flowing from the rock. It is because intense sunlight falls on the flowing waterfall and gives it a magical color.
  • Another waterfall with color-changing qualities is Blood Waterfall in Antarctica. This waterfall is towards the front side of the Taylor Glacier in the McMurdo Dry Valleys and is surprisingly red just like blood.
  • Two waterfalls have a horizontal flow of water, located in Talbot Bay and the Buccaneer Archipelago in the Kimberley Belt of West Australia.
  • Underwater Waterfall is located towards the southwest corner of Mauritius. This waterfall is said to be an optical illusion when seen from an aerial view. It feels like there is some cavity in the sea and the water is falling from it.

Even though scientists have given their explanations yet, Devils Kettle Waterfall remains famous among tourists for its mystery. People choose to believe that there is something more mysterious and secretive behind it. What do you think?

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