The Matrix (1999) Movie Explained

The Matrix (1999): Movie Plot Simplified Ending Explained | The Matrix (1999) Movie Explained
  1. People aren’t living in the real world

    People aren’t living in the real world. They are living in a stimulation made as a computer program.

  2. Morpheus recruits people

    Morpheus is one of the people who live in the real world, not the computer stimulation. He recruits people that he thought would be the ‘One’.

  3. The One is a legend

    The One is a legend that Morpheus believes in. It is someone who would be able to manipulate the computer systems of the virtual world they are connected to to their will.

  4. There were many other Ones

    Morpheus recruited a number of people thinking that they were the one before like Trinity and Cypher.

  5. Mr. Anderson discovers Morpheus

    Mr. Anderson, who uses the username Neo, discovers Morpheus who tries to recruit him. (See Interstellar (2014) Movie Explained)

  6. Neo followed Morpheus

    Morpheus sent Neo instructions as he told him to follow the White Rabbit. He followed the people who invited him to a party in order to meet up with Trinity.

  7. Neo is visited by Agent Smith

    Neo is visited at his workplace by Agent Smith and other agents who inserted a device through his bellybutton. The device is later on revealed to be a tracking device. (See The Matrix Trilogy Explained)

  8. Neo meets up with Morpheus

    Neo meets up with Morpheus in the virtual world where he offers him a choice of either returning to the real world or going back home and forgetting everything about the Matrix.

  9. Neo discovers the truth

    Neo discovers the truth about the world which had turned into an apocalyptic world in the year 2099. The machines have taken control over the world and they are waging war against the people.

  10. The Matrix is a massive universal program

    The Matrix is a universal program that uses people like batteries for energy. People are living a very degraded life with the only machines that are under their control being ships.

  11. Neo visits the Oracle

    Neo visits the Oracle with Morpheus, Trinity and others. The Oracle tells Neo that he is not the One, not in this life.

  12. Cypher made a deal

    Cypher made a deal with Agent Smith that he would give him Morpheus in order to return to his life in the virtual world without any memory of the real world.

  13. Agent Smith is a computer virus

    Agent Smith is a computer virus whose job is to protect the matrix within the virtual walls. However, Agent Smith has evolved and sought to gain more control.

  14. Morpheus is captured

    Morpheus is captured by Agent Smith and the other agents. Morpheus tells Trinity to save Neo because he’s the one. Many people die in the process.

  15. Neo tells Trinity about the Oracle

    Neo tells Trinity what the oracle told him. He tells her that he is going to go save Morpheus but Trinity tells him that she will go with him.

  16. They save Morpheus

    Morpheus and Trinity return to the real world but Neo gets stuck in the Matrix where the agents pursue him. However, Neo fights the agents off and they both go toe to toe and Morpheus tells Trinity that Neo is beginning to believe.

  17. Neo is shot

    Neo is shot several times before he dies. His physical body is dead in the Matrix when Trinity tells him what the Oracle had told her. She told her that she would fall in love with the one.

  18. Neo comes back to life

    Neo comes back to life where he fights the agents again and destroys Agent Smith.

  19. Neo is the One

    Neo is revealed to be the one at the end of the movie, having obtained the ability to stop bullets and bend the matrix to his own will.

  20. The Matrix is connected to the real world

    People from the real apocalyptic world like Morpheus can connect to the Matrix through a computer program that they use. People born in the real world cannot because they don’t have the plugs that people who come from the matrix do.

  21. The machines use people for energy

    People are used as batteries that would provide the machines with energy. People born in the matrix think that they are living normal lives when they are actually living in a computer stimulation that represents life as it was in 1999.

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