The Lobster (2015) Movie Explained

What is the actual meaning of the film “The Lobster”? | The Lobster (2015) Movie Explained
  1. David was sent to the hotel because he was single

    David was arrested and sent to the hotel after his 11-year marriage ended. David, like the others, was obliged to find a partner in 45 or they will turn him into an animal of his choice and let him loose into the wild.

  2. The film is set in a dystopian, fascist future

    The film is set in a dystopian, fascist future where according to the laws of the city, single people are treated as secondary citizens. The city sends single people to hotels where they can find partners and be accepted by the society again.

  3. David blinded himself

    David fell in love with the shortsighted girl because he was shortsighted too, but when she went blind his amount of love for her became less. David thought he should blind himself like the ‘shortsighted girl’ so that he wont lose her.

  4. 4Guests had to tranquilize escapees to extend their stay

    Guests of the hotel had to capture and tranquilize escapees in order to expand their stay at the hotel. The escapees were people who lived outside of the hotel with the animals in the woods. (See The Forgotten Movie (2004) Explained)

  5. David failed at keeping his relationship with his partner

    When the partner David first picked figured out his scheme, David escaped the hotel to live with the forest dwellers, and there he found a group of single people who rejected to live as secondary citizens.

  6. The single people reject relationships

    The society of loners that David found was not only a society that rejected being treated as secondary citizens but they also condemned relationships. When David fell in love with a girl because they were both shortsighted, the leader of the Forrest society decided to blind the girl. (See Transcendence (2014) Movie Explained)

  7. The Forrest society wanted to punish couples

    The rules of the forest society were derived from a pathological human needs for a systems, in other words the forest society wanted their system of beliefs to lead city.

  8. Loner leader proved relationships meaningless

    When the loner group attacked the strongest couple’s room at the hotel, the leader of the Forrest society made the husband hold a gun to shoot his wife, by that she wanted to prove that the idea of relationship is a mere social construction.

  9. The ending was left for the audience to decide

    At the end of the film we saw David holding a knife infront of a mirror to blind himself and reestablish the trait that and the shortsighted girl had in common. However, he had another choice he could lie to her about blinding himself and she’ll never notice the difference.

  10. The film ridicules relationships

    The movie is a satire of marriages, relationships, society and how we categorize each other.Another thing the film interestingly showcased is how the man cheated on (David) was the one punished and sent to the hotel.

  11. The hotel is firm as black and white

    Everything at the hotel was pretty much like black and white, there is no such thing as being bisexual it’s either you’re gay or straight and you cant say that your shoe size is 44.5 its either 44 or 45, this shows that the hotel was teaching guests that relationships should be firm and not complex.

  12. The woman killed the donkey for revenge

    The donkey that was shot in the beginning of the film by an angry woman was her ex-lover, later in the film we learn that when single people turn into animals they can fall in love once again. The angry woman was an ex-lover of the donkey before he turned into an animal.

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