The Illusionist (2006) Movie Explained

The Illusionist Movie Review & Film Summary (2006) | The Illusionist (2006) Movie Explained

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  1. 1 Eduard and Sophie are childhoood friends

    Eduard, who is known by his stage name Eisenheim, and Sophie are childhood friends who had romantic feelings towards one another. However, he came from a poor family while she was Duchess von Teschen, descending from a rich family.

  2. 2 Sophie was promised to the Crown Prince

    Sophie was promised to the Crown Prince Leopold. However, the prince was spoiled and did not treat her well.

  3. 3 Eisenheim recognized Sophie

    Eisenheim recognized Sophie when she volunteered to participate in an illusion during his performance. However, they do not speak until later on.

  4. 4 Eduard and Sophie were still in love

    Eduard and Sophie were still in love when they met despite her having to wed the Crown Prince soon. Eduard set up a plan to help her escape the prince.

  5. 5 The Crown Prince wanted to overthrow the King

    The Crown Prince conspired to overthrow the King. He conspired with Inspector Uhl to overthrow the King so Uhl would become the Police Chief afterwards.

  6. 6 The Crown Prince was an abusive drunkard

    The Crown Prince was an abusive drunkard who didn't respect women.

  7. 7 Eduard's plan went well

    Eduard's plan was to convince the Crown Prince that he had killed Sophie. It was a very elaborate plan that not only the inspector, but even the Prince himself thought that he killed her.

  8. 8 Eduard used his illusions against the Prince

    Eduard spoke against the prince through his illusions where he would make an illusion of Sophie speaking about how the Prince killed her.

  9. 9 People followed Eisenheim

    Eduard created a cult of followers that even when he was arrested, they followed him to help him get released.

  10. 10 Inspector Uhl didn't find any clues

    Inspector Uhl did not find any clues on Eduard's plan. He believed that he was truly a magician for a while until the end.

  11. 11 The Crown Prince committed suicide

    The Crown Prince was confronted by Uhl who threatened him. The Prince then shot himself before he would get accused of treason.

  12. 12 Sophie was hiding

    Sophie was hiding as she followed Eduard's plan. She was never truly killed, but it was all part of Eduard's plan so the two would be together after getting rid of the abusive prince.

  13. 13 Eduard sent Uhl his tricks

    Eduard sent Uhl his tricks and the latter realized that he was fooled by the Magician.

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