The Illusionist (2006) Movie Explained

The Illusionist Movie Review & Film Summary (2006) | The Illusionist (2006) Movie Explained

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  1. 1 Eduard and Sophie are childhoood friends

    The stage name of Eduard is Eisenheim, and he is famous by this name. He and Sophies are childhood friends and have romantic feelings for each other since then. The significant difference between them is that Eduard is from a low-income family, on the other hand, Sophie, was Duchess von Teschen and came from a wealthy family.

  2. 2 Sophie was promised to the Crown Prince

    It has been shown in the movie that Sophie was pledged to the Crown Prince by the elderly of the house. But unfortunately, the Prince did not treat her well as he was a spoiled person.

  3. 3 Eisenheim recognized Sophie

    They did not speak to each other for quite long, but he recognized her when Sophie volunteered to participate in an illusion during her performance.

  4. 4 Eduard and Sophie were still in love

    They both were still in love even after Sophie's marriage to the Prince. As Eduard loved her so much, and he knew that Sophie is not happy with him, so he made a plan to escape her from the Prince.

  5. 5 The Crown Prince wanted to overthrow the King

    The Crown Prince aspired to become the king, so he made a conspiracy with the Inspector Uhl. He proposes to him that once he becomes the king, he will make him the Police Chief, and in return, he wanted Uhl to help him in overthrowing the king. (See Oblivion (2013) Movie Explained)

  6. 6 The Crown Prince was an abusive drunkard

    He was not a good person and an abused woman after drinking. He did not have any respect for women and mistreated them.

  7. 7 Eduard's plan went well

    Eduard made a plan in which he had to convince the Prince that he killed Sophie, and he became successful in it. He made such a long story and a big plan that even the Inspector as well thought that the Prince killed Sophie. (See The Suffering (2016) Movie Explained)

  8. 8 Eduard used his illusions against the Prince

    He made an illusion in which Sophie is telling about how the Prince murdered her, and the Prince thought that it is happening in real and gets convinced.

  9. 9 People walled Eisenheim

    He created a clique of followers who help him get released when he was arrested.

  10. 10 Inspector Uhl didn't find any clues

    The Inspector tries a lot but could not find any clues against Eduard's plan. He made such a plan that even the Inspector could not find anything against him.

  11. 11 The Crown Prince committed suicide

    The Inspector started blackmailing and threatening the Prince. He got scared and shot himself before people could get to know about the murder, and he gets accused of treason because of it.

  12. 12 Sophie was hiding

    As per Eduard's plan, Sophie was hiding at a safe place. She was never killed; this was a part of their plan so that they could get along again and get rid of the bad Prince.

  13. 13 Eduard sent Uhl his tricks

    He sent the Inspector his tricks, and then he realizes how the Magician fooled him.

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