The Boy (2016) Movie Explanation

What’s the Twist at the End of The Boy Horror Movie? The Boy (2016) – Plot Summary
  1. Brahms neighbor disappeared

    Brahms was a shy boy who used to play with his neighbor who was of his same age. One day Brahms went to play with his neighbor in the forest but she never returned. Rumors suggested Brahms had something to do with it.

  2. The 8-years-old Brahms died

    In the beginning of the movie it was clear that Brahms died on his 8th birthday in a tragic accident where the house was burned, To cope with the loss his parents replaced him with a doll and treated it as if it was him. Later on it will be revealed that he never died.

  3. Greta became Brahms nanny

    20 years later Greta (Lauren Cohen) got a job offer to work as a nanny for Brahms. See Why some people didnt like the Revenant movie .

  4. Greta realized Brahms was real

    Greta discovered that Brahms has a soul as he can move and do various things. Greta believed the doll was a real person.

  5. Cole smashed Brahms

    Cole , who is Greta’s ex, smashed Brahms into pieces after getting angry at Greta.

  6. The real Brahms came out of the wall

    The real Brahms ,who is a young man, came out of the wall after the doll was smashed into pieces.

  7. Brahms was alive all time long

    Brahms wasn’t dead but he was still alive inside the walls. He was too shy to show up and was forced to appear when the doll was smashed. Probably he was hiding because the fire disfigured him. (See Rings (2017) Movie Explanation)

  8. Brahms used to move the doll

    The real Brahms, the one who is human, was the one moving the doll around and doing all the strange things that were happening in the house.

  9. Greta thought she killed Brahms

    Greta thought she killed Brahms when she stabbed him but the cut scene at the end of the movie , which showed someone repairing the doll, suggested that he was still alive.

  10. Greta was left for Brahms

    Before Brahms parents killed themselves they sent him a letter telling him ‘now the girl is yours’. This suggested that they brought Greta here to force her to stay with him forever.

  11. Why Brahms was hiding

    Brahms was hiding all this time inside the walls of the house because the fire disfigured him. Brahms was certainly a psychopath. (See Melancholia (2011) Movie Explanation)

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