The body language signs of stress

Body Language That Reveals Stress | How Stress Impacts Your Body Language?
  1. Tapping with hands or legs

    When a person gets stressed, they might start tapping on the floor with their legs or tapping with their hands on the table.

  2. Leg shaking

    Shaking one leg up and down repeatedly is one of the signs of stress in body language. While some people do this as a habit, others do it when they get stressed.

  3. Rubbing the face

    When a person gets stressed or frustrated, they might rub their face with one hand. This is usually an indication that the person is stressed and experiencing negative emotions.

  4. Rubbing the back of the neck

    Rubbing the back of the neck is a clear sign of frustration in body language. Because stress might be accompanied with frustration, a stressed person might rub their necks.

  5. Nail biting

    Nail biting is a sign of stress and anxiety. When a person gets stressed and anxious, they might start biting their nails. (See Why some people bite their nails?)

  6. Sweating

    When a person gets stressed, they might start sweating more. This can be noticed by the way their skins reflect light changes.

  7. Tense muscles

    Stress can make the muscles more tense and thus the person’s movements might be restricted. The person might also do many knee-jerk moves.

  8. Frequent nose touching

    Touching the nose in body language is a gesture that indicates the presence of negative thoughts. When a person gets stressed, they are more likely to think negatively and to have negative thoughts. (See Why do people touch their nose while speaking?)

  9. Fast breathing rate

    When a person gets stressed, they are very likely to breath fast. This fast breathing rate can be noticed in the movement of the shoulders.

  10. Scratching different body parts

    When a person gets stressed, they might scratch random body parts with their hands. This is a sign of both stress and frustration.

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