The Art of Teaching Art

Who is an Art Teacher? What are the Educational Requirements? What are Your Responsibilities as an Art Teacher?
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Art is something that comes from within, and if you are good at it, try teaching others too. Teaching is not only a passion but teaching art is something that you can take up as a career option as well. Therefore, today we will tell you, how to be an art teacher, detailed art teacher job description, and art teacher qualifications. Read ahead to learn more!

1. Definition of an Art Teacher

Being an art teacher is a bit different from other subject teachers. In this field, you have to teach students about various forms of art such as painting, sculpting, cinema, music, theater, architecture, and literature. An art teacher teaches ways to produce, understand, and appreciate different types of art. Art is something that can be learned and improved over time. (Also read Anthropomorphic Art Meaning with Examples)

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2. Art Teacher Job Description

The teaching art job requires you to be responsible for guiding students in the field of art, drawing, sketching, coloring, painting, etc. There are a few responsibilities, you need to take up as an art teacher. An art class needs many types of equipment before the class starts. You will have to arrange for the missing items as well.

  • As an art teacher, you will have to prepare the curriculum along with the course material which is provided by the institution you work for.
  • Make sure to teach them about all art forms along with art history and new techniques to develop the students’ interest in art.
  • Assigning projects, assignments and deciding on grading patterns are also necessary.
  • Make sure to attend faculty and parents’ teacher meetings for sharing the progress report of students.
  • You have to keep a record of the inventory to keep track of all the required art supplies for teaching art are available or not.
  • Moreover, you will need to instruct the cleaner to clean the class after each session. (Also read Why Are Apples Associated with Teachers?)

3. Art Teacher Qualifications

Becoming a theory-based subject teacher requires specific qualifications, but becoming an art teacher does not require any major qualifications. However, you should have at least any one of the below-mentioned degrees or qualifications:

  • An art appreciation certificate program from a reputed college or a government college for six months. 
  • A diploma course of at least six months in arts from any reputed college, institute, or training center.
  • A regular graduation degree in arts with a duration of two years from a government or reputed college is acceptable. (See PhD Vs PsyD in Psychology)

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4. How to Be an Art Teacher? 

Teaching is a challenge in itself, be it art or any other subject. So, if you are ready to give in and have the confidence to make your students develop the skills, then you are in the right profession.

A. Basic Skills

  • Apart from the degrees and certificates, art itself needs innovation, differential thinking, creativity, and much more. So every teacher should have basic knowledge of all these requirements.
  • To be a good art teacher, you need to have a growth mindset for yourself. Other than teaching art, a good teacher must be aware that a person should never stop learning. Assess your work and take the necessary steps towards improving your capabilities.
  • Self-awareness is the key to developing and guiding others towards the right path because art will need all of your creativity. You should be aware of your style, teaching methods, techniques, and all other things about yourself. Then only you will be able to maintain the correct balance between yourself and your work.
  • An art teacher must develop these three habits: idea generation, comfort with ambiguity, and trans-disciplinary research. (Also read What is Pointillism Art?)

B. Additional Skills

Apart from these, as a teacher, you need to have some additional skills handy for a strong impact.

  • Communication skills are a necessity for a teacher Therefore, you should have excellent verbal and written, communication skills.
  • You can be a fresher, but prior experience as an art teacher will be impactful. You should have the capability to supervise group work along with teaching art. 
  • Maybe a question asked by one of your students may seem challenging, but it is not necessary to answer it right away. Keep in mind, you are a teacher so, make yourself heard and valued by students through your dignified image and knowledge. 
  • Working as a teacher means you will be, surrounded by kids having numerous questions and problems related to their assignments. So you should possess problem-solving skills and effective planning methods. (Also read When Were Numbers invented?)

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5. Importance of Teaching Profession

Teaching is a profession that needs your attention, focus, interest, passion, loyalty towards your profession, and innovation. Being a teacher does not mean you have the leverage to sit and hand out tasks to kids. You should take responsibility for training your kids in whatever subject you are teaching them. A teacher is like a candle for the kids, and they see their future in your light, so do not ruin it. Remember teaching art with passion and patience also counts as an art teacher qualification. (See When Was Silly Putty Invented?)

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