Textsheet and Litanswers Alternatives

Since Textsheet and Litanswers are shutdowns, where can I now go to find Chegg answers?
Textsheet and Litanswers Alternatives
  1. What is Textsheet?

    It was a fantastic website that offered the solutions and answers to Chegg’s online practice paper. College students became utterly dependent on this website for answers to the practice paper. They could find the answers very quickly, as they need to put the URL of the problem in the search box and get the answers.

  2. Why was it shut down?

    There are a lot of reasons why this website was closed. The primary reason was that Chegg claimed some copyright issues on it. Hence as per the DMCA copyright violation, they broke the rules, so it was removed from the internet. They started using someone else’s records to provide the students with the solution. This was another reason why the text sheet negative.

  3. Has it been closed permanently?

    As per the news and situation, they have not stated as they are closed permanently or not. But there are no updates of the website for a couple of months, nor has it been restarted. Hence, you can think that it is closed for now, and if they reopen it, you will get to know through its updates and news.

  4. Alternatives of Textsheet

    1) many websites have been launched and become famous since the text sheet has been closed. Some of the best ones are:

    • School Solver- It is an excellent website for homework answers, assignments and offering solutions of all kind. There are various teachers to help you provide the answer to all your problems.
    • Slader- This website is used a lot by US students; you would get step-by-step solutions to all your problems on this website. Furthermore, they are also working on improving the quality of the content to help the students in the best way.
    • Course Hero- It is one of the best substitutes for text sheet, and as per students here, you get quality study material to study, plus you can download it. The best thing about this website is that they have over 25 million course-specific study material.
    • Studylib- They offer students a wide range of solved assignments and homework solutions. This website is straightforward to operate as you can download the content, plus you can also share the notes with your friends.
    • Chegg- It is also a text sheet alternative; here, you can get all sorts of study material; additionally, they have experts. Therefore, if you face any issue while doing homework, they can help to solve it by explaining step by step solution to it.
    • PaperHelp- This website helps the students to finish their challenging assignments and is best for students who usually write research papers and keeps the details of your research confidential
    • SparkNotes- On this website, students can get notes on various courses and subjects. You can also buy online books from them, and they also offer Test Prep services with the help of which you can prepare for standardized tests.
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