34 Brilliant Ways to Make Drinking Tea More Exciting and Flavorful

How do Fruits and Flowers twist the Flavors of Tea? Can you Add Chocolate or Coffee to Tea? What effect do Brewing, Temperature, and Infusers have on Tea Tastes?
33 Brilliant Ways to Make Drinking Tea More Exciting

Are you having a cup of tea in the same old way? Drinking tea is habitual for some people, while others drink it as a booster. But most of the time, everyone is drinking the same boring tea. Do you want to try something different in tea? Then, you have arrived at the right place to find about 34 brilliant ways to make drinking tea more exciting. You just have to add the below-mentioned ingredients and different processes to enjoy tea differently. Read further to know about 34 brilliant ways to make drinking tea more exciting and flavorful.

1. Lemon/Lemongrass


Both lemon and lemongrass are known to add freshness to the drinks. You can add them to your teas also. Even if your tea is over-brewed or you are sipping on a cup of the bland taste of green tea, this condiment will add a citrus flavor and freshness too. This is most common among the 34 brilliant ways to make drinking tea more exciting. (See Why is vitamin C good for you?)

2. Cardamom


Add a pinch of cardamom powder or crush the cardamom seeds of 1 pod and mix into the brewed tea. It will give it a spicy touch with a soothing aroma. You can have this tea with milk or without it. (Also read What Is Mustard Made Of?)

3. Homemade Flavored Tea Leaves

Homemade Flavored Tea Leaves

Yes, you can add flavors to the tea leaves (pure green, oolong, white tea leaves, or others) by blending them with fruits. You can have a wide range of options to choose from, and the real benefits of tea will also remain the same. (See What are the health benefits of drinking Green Tea?)

4. Milk


It is a universal method to reduce the bitterness of teas. Adding milk will give it a mild taste, reducing the bitter and robust taste of brewed, green, or herbal teas. You can use milk instead of water for your iced tea. This is also the most common of the brilliant ways to make drinking tea more exciting and flavorful. (See How Many Cups Are There To A 1-2 Gal?)

5. Cream


Instead of milk, you can also add cream to give your tea a slight thickness and creamy texture. This method is best for extra dark and malty teas. Also, you can add cream soda to the iced tea for a creamy fizzy touch. (Also read How Many is a Baker’s Dozen?)

6. Flavored Vitamin Powder

Flavored Vitamin Powder

Adding flavored vitamin powder is one of the brilliant ways to make drinking tea more exciting. You can mix 1 teaspoon of your favorite vitamin powder to mix in the tea. Dissolving flavored vitamin tablets will also be good. (See Top 20 Foods that contain Antioxidants)

7. Fruit Syrup

Fruit Syrup

Among the 34 brilliant ways to make drinking tea more exciting, iced tea can be an exciting option. It can be made exciting by adding your preferred fruit syrup. Maple syrup can give a twist of flavors to green tea, vanilla tea, caramel tea, cinnamon, or chocolate teas. (Also read What are the examples of red fruits?)

8. Mint


Mint leaves are aromatic and filled with freshness. Adding them to your iced tea or hot tea will boost your mood. (See What are Some Examples of Green Fruits?)

9. Basil


Basil leaves are your next option after mint. You can add finely chopped or whole leaves to your hot black tea or iced tea. (See Is Tomato a Fruit or Vegetable?)

10. Sparkling Water

Sparkling Water

Adding sparkling water to your iced tea will make it bubbly and fun. The tea will not lose its flavor and be exciting at the same time. This is another one of the brilliant ways to make drinking tea more exciting and flavorful. (Also read Why you should drink more water?)

11. Cinnamon


The sweet spice flavor of cinnamon will turn your hot tea into a luxury. You can use grounded cinnamon or just crush a small piece to add. (Also read Who Invented Crackers?)

12. Ginger


There are 34 brilliant ways to make drinking tea more exciting and flavorful & adding ginger is one of them. This rhizome is rich and sharp flavored, but its aroma relieves your stress. It will also boost your mood and give you a festive feel. (See How to treat a Bad Cough?)

13. Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers

Blending petals of different flowers like jasmine, lavender, chamomile, rose, or chrysanthemum can give a new aromatic touch to the tea. Try this method of 34 brilliant ways to make drinking tea more exciting and flavorful by adding a few dry flowers or petals until you find the perfect aroma. If you are short on flowers, you can use rose water as a substitute. (See What do Cherry Blossoms Symbolize?)

14. Natural Sweetener

Natural Sweetener

Sweet herbs (Stevia) or licorice roots are known as natural sweeteners. They contain zero calories but no compromise in sweetness. (Also read What Is The Sweetest Substance In The World?)

15. Roasted Tea Leaves

Roasted Tea Leaves

Roasting the leaves before brewing them will bring back their flavor and freshness. Put the leaves in the dry saucepan and roast on a light flame for a few minutes. (See Why Green tea makes me feel sick?)

16. Apple Juice

Apple Juice

Adding a part of apple juice to the black tea will add a punch to it. This will reduce the bitterness without compromising the flavors. For a dense flavor, you can also put a pinch of cinnamon. (See What Is Sugar Apple Fruit?)

17. Honey


For a soft, sweet, and silky flavor, you can add honey. The amount of honey added to the tea will determine the thickness and stickiness of the tea. But adding lemon juice can help in balancing the honey. The choice is yours. This is one of the 34 brilliant ways to make drinking tea more exciting and flavorful. (Also read 20 Revolutionary Diet Plans to Lose Weight)

18. Almond and Coconut Milk

Almond and Coconut Milk

These kinds of milk are lighter than whole milk. The subtle change in flavors by adding almond milk or coconut milk will make tea drinking pleasurable. Try them with cinnamon, green, pumpkin, or chocolate teas. (See 11 Health Benefits of Eating Ice Apple Fruit)

19. Ice Cream

Ice Cream

A scoop or two of your favorite ice-cream flavor will bring on a new twist to the usual iced tea. Try this twist with raspberry, peach, citrus, or green teas. This is another of 34 brilliant ways to make drinking tea more exciting. (Also read How Are Jelly Beans Made?)

20. Berries


Adding a blend of different berries to the tea will give it a natural sweetness, flavor, and aroma. It will also keep you full for the time being, supplying essential nutrients to the body. Try this with blueberry tea, hibiscus tea, lavender tea, or peach tea. (See 8 Fruits That Have No Seeds)

21. Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits

Add slices or freshly squeezed orange, grapefruit, or limes to your tea. Use a strainer while squeezing to avoid adding pulp if you want. Orange will give a subtle tangy taste, while grapefruit has a strong flavor. (See 20 Amazing Health Benefits of Bananas)

22. Chocolate


Add dark, milk, or white chocolate to the teas for a new twist. You can add it to black, green, or any tea you like. Dark chocolate will fill your tea with deep and rich flavors. White chocolate can add a creamier flavor and sweetness. (See Fascinating History of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups)

23. Red Tea or Rooibos

Red Tea or Rooibos

Mixing two teas can also be an excellent idea for blending new tastes. Red tea is a type of herbal tea with a sweet, deep, and refreshing taste. This is another one of the 34 brilliant ways to make drinking tea more exciting and flavorful. (See Legend of the Pretzel)

24. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

A spoonful of coconut oil can make your green tea richer. It will boost your mood and make you feel energetic and satisfied with your tea. (Also read Is Nougat Healthy?)

25. Tea Lattes

Tea Lattes

This is an amazing option from the 34 brilliant ways to make drinking tea more exciting and flavorful. If you have enjoyed coffee lattes now, try a tea latte. Brew tea leaves and make a strong tea, then add a layer of frothed milk on top. Making shapes with frothed milk is interesting, but without shapes also makes the tea rich and subtle. (Also Read 63 Amazing Ways to Use Baking Soda)

26. Kombucha


It is a fermented, lightly fizzy, sweetened tea (black or green) with various health benefits. Adding kombucha is like adding a functional ingredient to the tea with additional fizz and taste. (Also read Why is it called Continental Breakfast?)

27. Coffee


Adding coffee to the black or green teas can give it a different taste. It will be a different blend of flavors that will act as an energy booster. Adjust the ratios as per your preferences. (See What is a Barista?)

28. Potpourri


The term means a mixture or medley of things. Tea leaves or dried black tea are a mixture of different dried herbs and flowers. After all the twisting attempts, if you do not enjoy it, then use the tea as a spice or flavoring for other dishes. (Also read 56 Types of Deliciously Famous Soups from Around the World)

29. Nutmeg


People often use Nutmeg in their tea as a spice to augment the flavor. It has medicinal benefits too. So it turns out to be a perfect blend with tea that you can enjoy in any season and at any time of the day and night. (See How Are Peanuts Made?)

30. Cook or Bake the Tea

Cook or Bake the Tea

Using tea instead of water for cooking can surely bring a twist to the dish’s flavors. Try this with the cake mix and use tea instead of water. Enjoy the new tea-flavored cake. (See What is Fondant?)

31. Brew Differently

Brew Differently

Another way to make your tea taste different is to brew them differently. Instead of traditional brewing, try the infusion method. Of the 34 brilliant ways to make drinking tea more exciting, remember the number of infusions will decide the flavor of the tea. You can also change the time limits of brewing the teas to change their intensity. (See Why is Coffee Called a Cup of Joe?)

32. Steep Timings

Steep Timings

Steeping for the right amount of time will also affect your tea. Take a look at the accurate steeping time for different teas:

  • Black: 2–3 minutes
  • Green: 45 seconds–1 minute
  • Herbal: 5–6 minutes

And, steeping timings of Iced variations will be:

  • Mate: 5–6 minutes
  • Oolong: Around 3 minutes
  • Rooibos: 5–6 minutes
  • White: 4–5 minutes

33. Water Temperature

Water Temperature

Brewing time and water temperature are interrelated. So, decide accordingly to have the best flavors of the tea. Also, try using spring water instead of tap water. Tap water is rich in minerals that overshadow the delicate tea flavors. Read about different temperatures for different teas:

  • Black: 195 degrees to 205 degrees Fahrenheit (90.56–96 degrees Celsius)
  • Green: 175 degrees Fahrenheit (79.43 degrees Celsius)
  • Herbal: 208 degrees Fahrenheit (97.78 degrees Celsius)
  • Mate: 208 degrees Fahrenheit (97.78 degrees Celsius)
  • Oolong: 195 degrees Fahrenheit (90.56 degrees Celsius)
  • Rooibos (red tea): 208 degrees Fahrenheit (97.78 degrees Celsius)
  • White: 175 degrees Fahrenheit (79.43 degrees Celsius) (See How Hot is Lukewarm?)

34. Use Clean Infusers

Use Clean Infusers

To enjoy the tea with or without twists, you should use clean infusers and brewers. Plastic or old metallic infusers ruin the delicate flavors of the tea.

Now you know about all the 34 brilliant ways to make drinking tea more exciting and flavorful. It is time to try these out and share reviews from your friends and family.

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