18 Symbols that Represent Love

What are Symbols? What are Love Symbols? What are the Different Ancient and Modern Love Symbols?
symbols that represent love

Expressions convey more than words. People in love often say that they can understand each other by looking into each other’s eyes. They frequently keep things that they consider to be the symbol of love. You may also have collected something about what represents love to you. Let us know more about symbols that represent love and their hidden meanings. 


A thing, expression, mark, or any other character that represents or holds meaning to something is known as a symbol. For example, a red light is a symbol to stop, a skull and crossed bone represents danger, etc. (See 5 Pound Sign Phone Symbol Facts)

Symbols that Represent Love

Symbols of heart, smile, and like.

Different cultures from around the world represent love through different symbols. You may be aware of red roses and a heart as the most common love symbols around the world. But here I have mentioned some historical and modern love symbols that express more deep emotions along with love. (See What is Romantic Love in Psychology?)

1. Apples

symbols that represent love 2

In the 7th century B.C., couples used to share an apple as a symbol of their marriage and hope to have a sweet and fruitful married life. It was an important symbol for courtship and was used in the rites of marriage in early Greek civilizations. (See What meanings and symbolism do fruits have?)

2. Clasped Hands

Two person holding hands.

Two hands inter-wined represent Prince Albert (Germany) and Queen Victoria (England) because it was a symbol of friendship between them and their countries. In later periods, men began to ask for the hand of a woman as a gesture of asking to marry them. (See What Does Gangnam Style Mean?)

3. Eternal Lovers

two birds in love

The Taino people from Central America believe in eternal love. This symbol portrays two birds with their beaks connected with each other. (Also read How to Be Loved By Everyone?)

4. Sound of the Harp

A girl standing on streets holding a Harp.

Among the symbols that represent love, this symbol is used in art, literature, lyrical art, music, and poetry. According to researchers, King David of Israel played the harp to represent his love and devotion toward the Almighty. (See In Arabic, how do you say “I love you”?)

5. Heart-Shaped Objects

Heart: symbols that represent love 3

The first symbol that comes to mind when talking about love is the heart. But it was not always a love symbol. In 1250, a French manuscript portrayed a person holding a heart-shaped thing and presenting it to his lady-love as a symbol of love. Ever since then, this pointed-based shape has become the symbol of love. (See Is Telepathy Real in Love?)

6. Juno & Venus

Sign of juno and venus.

This symbol is from Astrology in South Europe. This symbol is named after the daughter of Zeus, and it represents love, commitment, and marriage. Juno is also related to fertility and femininity. It is an asterisk with a cross at the bottom.
Venus is like a circle on the top of a cross and looks similar to the female gender symbol. In European culture, Venus is associated with love, lust, and sexual desire, while in Indian culture it is associated with beauty, purity, and fertility. (See Theory of Eternity of Life)

7. Kokopelli


This symbol was discovered in North America which looks like an insect or a mahu. Among various symbols that represent love, it appears to be a person or a hunchbacked grasshopper holding a flute. They consider this as the symbol of spiritual healing, love, music, and a spiritual feeling of love. The Hopi ritual is related to matrimony. (See Why Paris is the city of Love?)

8. Maple Leaf

Three maple leaves on an open book.

If you are walking under the maple trees with your partner and a maple leaf falls on your head or your partner catches one for you, then it is a symbol of forever love. This is considered the symbol of love in Japan and China also. (See 6 Lesser Known St Valentine Facts)

9. Menat

Egypt Dendera Temple Hathor. Ancient images on the walls of the underground room. Great Menate of Goddess Hathor

It is the symbol of love, joy, dance, and maternal care which belongs to Egyptian Africa. Ancient Egyptians considered it as a deity of the sky, a patron of music, and a representation of femininity. (See 9 Facts About Egyptian Swastika)

10. Red Roses

A ring inside a red rose: symbols that represent love 4

Different colored roses convey different messages, but a red rose means love. The Ancient Greeks and Romans related the red rose to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and Venus. It is also a symbol associated with the Virgin Mary. (See Meaning of Different Colour Roses)

11. Ribbons & Laces

A gift wrapped in bright pink paper and a golden ribbon tied on.

In ancient times, knights went to war with a ribbon or scarf tied or given to them by their ladylove. Women often drop their handkerchiefs or ribbons to attract the attention of a man with whom they want to talk and develop a love relationship. Nowadays, chocolate boxes and gifts are decorated with lace as one of the symbols that represent love. (See 8 Best Valentine’s Decoration Ideas)

12. Shells


The hard covering of a shell represents the protective nature of love. In different cultures from ancient history, the shell holds different meanings. But the ancient Hindus considered conch shells as a medium to awaken the faith in the hearts of people and to call out for love-filled hearts. It is a symbol of fertility and love for native Americans. (See What are the symbols of home?)

13. Pair of Swans


The Virgin Mary holds the symbol of the swan as a representation of her purity, and love. The swan is used as a symbol of distinct emotions like grace, sincerity, and beauty. (See What Does a Rabbit Symbolize?)

14. Claddagh

A pair of claddagh rings on purple flower petals.

This is an Irish symbol of love that is used as a wedding ring or as a friendship ring.
This symbol portrays three components:

  • A Crown that symbolizes loyalty,
  • A Heart that symbolizes love, and
  • Two hands are put on both sides of the heart as a symbol of friendship. (See 6 Female vs Male Sign Fun Facts)

15. Three-leaved Clover


The shamrock plant is sacred in Irish culture, and it is their national symbol also. But St. Patrick used this sign as the Holy Trinity. Years later, it symbolizes the feelings of love, faith, and hope. Irish couples wear this symbol to represent their knot (marriage). (Also read What do Cherry Blossoms Symbolize?)

16. Triskeles

Triskeles: symbols that represent love 6

On the topic of symbols that represent love, it is in the shape of a modern spinner that was a trend a few months back. The three sides represent fire, water, and earth. This symbol is among the oldest symbols of the Celtics and is often referred to as the Celtic love knot. The continuous lines of this symbol represent love, eternal life, and unity. (See Who Named Our Planet Earth?)

17. Two Doves or Pigeons

Pigeons: symbols that represent love 5

These two birds are known to mate for life, which means they have one partner for their entire life. Therefore, this is considered a symbol of love and loyalty. (See What meanings and symbolism do birds have?)

18. Urania & Eros Cupid

Urania & Eros Cupid

Both these symbols belong to the Greek Mythology of Southern Europe. The Urania is a symbol of the holy spirit and universal love. This symbol looks like a semicircle crossing an A. Urania was the eldest of all divine sisters and the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne.

The symbol of an arrow piercing the heart is for Eros Cupid. The Romans called it Cupid, and you must have heard him being addressed as the God of love. (See Meaning of 40)

Well, these symbols that represent love have been a part of culture since ancient history. What represents love could be one of the symbols of love mentioned in this article. Which symbol do you use? Share this with others and see if they know about these symbols. (See Examples of Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe Quotes)

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