Summary of Sleeping Beauty Story Book

What are the Different versions of the Sleeping Beauty? What is the Curse in the Book? What is the Conclusion of the Story?
summary of Sleeping Beauty story book
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We all love the Disney princess that we grew up watching and hearing stories about since our childhood, one of the beloved Disney princesses and her story is a sleeping beauty story book which was a sleeping beauty short story. This article covers that story in segments. Let’s find it out.

1. Original Version of the Sleeping Beauty

The most famous version of The Sleeping Beauty is the one by Disney but there are various other versions and renditions as well. The original version is about The Sun, The Moon, and The Talia. It was subdivided and taken into multiple narratives with multiple parts. Some of them include Basile’s and Perrault’s narrative, titled the Brother Grimm’s version. However, it is known as the most gruesome version of Sleeping Beauty as it is highly problematic even by the standards of those times, let alone today.

To know about the sleeping beauty short story version, let’s dive into the next segments. (See Pinocchio Story Summary)

2. Version other than Brother Grimm’s Story

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Most of the other versions follow a similar pattern but are problematic as the Brother Grimm’s version.

  • In the story, the King takes an advantage of the woman when she was sleeping and impregnates her.
  • Later, her twins are born and were raised by fairies. So, one day they accidentally remove the spindle from their mother’s body and wakes her up from her sleep.
  • Later, the king who was already married brings in that woman and the kids with him. However, the woman despite knowing that she was taken advantage of, confesses that she loved the king.
  • But the wife of the king doesn’t take this well. So, she tries to feed the kids to the King and burn the innocent lady. But her plan fails as the King soon stops her from such acts and marries the woman. (See How Tall is Elsa and Anna?)

3. Sleeping Beauty Story Book Version

The Sleeping beauty story book begins by describing how King Stefan and Queen Leah struggle for many years without a child. But finally, they are blessed with a miracle. So, they welcome their child, a beautiful girl named Aurora, with a grand celebration. They called the day a holiday for the whole kingdom so that people could come to welcome the child.

King Stefan also saw this occasion as a way to bring together two kingdoms. So, he invited his old best friend, King Huber along with his son, Prince Phillips. He intended to betroth his daughter with his friend’s son. Also, in this vivid time of occasion, three of the guests that were included were the three good fairies – Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather. They were invited so that they could wish their blessing onto the daughter of King Stefan and Queen Leah. (See Insights of Acme Warner Bros)

4. The Road of the Curse in the Book

The Maleficent
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The curse in the sleeping beauty story book is the whole turning point of the story. So, as the celebration begins, Flora and Fauna bestow and bless princess Aurora with song and beauty to her limits. Then, as Merriweather prepares to give her blessing to the princess, she soon gets interrupted. An uninvited presence in the form of an evil fairy famously known as The Maleficent appears. So, Queen Leah informs her that she was not invited and apologizes. But also, politely asks her to join if she’d like to. 

However, Maleficent begins to leave. Then suddenly, she turns back and gives the curse to the princess saying that Princess Aurora of all the wisdom, grace, and beauty will transpire as she grows up and ages, soon at the age of sixteen. She added that before the sun ends its warmth and sets into the oceans, she will meet her demise when she touches the spindle on a spinning wheel. King Stefan and Queen Leah get horrified by this and beg the good fairies to undo the curse that has landed on their daughter. But the fairies clear out that they are not powerful to undo it as it is placed in the fist of anger and by an evil fairy. (See How this Book was made?)

5. Escape from the Curse

Though in the gist of sleeping beauty story book, fairy Merriweather still had her blessing remaining. So, she uses it to weaken the curse from the evil fairy and changes it to such that the princess wouldn’t die horribly but she will go into permanent sleep and can only be woken by the kiss of true love. Moreover, King Stefan steadfastly orders all the spindles to be burned and tells that no one would use the spindle for any kind of operation ever again.

Additionally, on the demand of the good fairies, King and Queen bring their daughter to a cottage in the forest where she could live with the fairies, as Briar Rose. so that the fairies could protect her from any kind of danger. (See What is the Theme of The Masque of the Red Death?)

6. The Unstoppable Fate

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In the sleeping beauty story book or the sleeping beauty short story, when Rose turns sixteen, she is a beautiful young woman, living with the fairies as her guardians. So, on her birthday, Rose asks the fairies to get her berries while she wanders off with the animals and sings a song. This song is then heard by Prince Phillip who is a handsome man. He finds her and they both fall in love with each other. She also invites him to her birthday celebration at the cottage.

But while the fairies are arguing over the gown for the princess, the evil fairy learns about their location. So, when Rose returns to the cottage and tells the fairies about the man, they reject him and tell her a man is already chosen for her. On the other hand, the evil fairy gets in the way and makes the princess touch the spindle. This leads to the curse getting true, which could now only be broken by a true love’s kiss. (See Why did Victorious end so Abruptly?)

7. Journey of the Conclusion

Soon the fairies learn that Rose was talking about Prince Phillips, they went to get him but realize that the evil fairy has already taken him captive and will only free him when he is on the princess’s death bed. However, this doesn’t stop the good fairies who try to rescue the prince with the best of their powers. They give the Price two magical weapons to fight with- a Sword of Truth and a Sword of Virtue.

So, when the evil fairy learns about the prince escaping, she turns into a dragon and teleports to the location of the prince. Soon, they both engage in a fight. Through the fight, Prince Phillip with all his might and powers throws the magical sword of truth into the heart of the dragon evil fairy. This led to the end of Maleficent, marking the conclusion of the sleeping beauty story book on a good note.

Then, he goes back to the princess and kisses her. This wakes up the princess. She and the whole kingdom is happy to know that the person she loved is the one that she is destined to marry with. Therefore, all of the kingdoms come together to celebrate this amazing occasion. (Also read True History of Humpty Dumpty Rhyme)

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