Summary of Shadows and Tall Trees (Chapter 7) of Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies Chapter Seven Summary: Shadows and Tall Trees | Summary of Shadows and Tall Trees Chapter 7
  1. Simon was optimisitc

    Simon reassured Ralph that they will be saved even though he had no proofs.

  2. Ralph got exited about hunting

    After Ralph hit a boar , which he though to be the beast, he became excited about hunting.

  3. The boys decided to return back to piggy

    Ralph was concerned about lighting the fire again but jack seemed to not care that much. The boys suggested they go back to Piggy then light the fire later.

  4. Ralph wanted to notify Piggy about the delay

    Ralph knew that they will return back after the dark. He suggested they send one boy to let Piggy know. Simon decided to go.

  5. The boys decided to follow a pig-run

    The boys decided to follow a Pig-run. They believed it leads to the mountain.

  6. Jack wanted to go up the mountain

    Ralph wanted to rest then climb up in the morning. Jack insisted they go up now until he convinced Ralph.

  7. Ralph changed his mind

    Ralph decided to stay. He told Jack to go alone if he wanted. Jack , who was stubborn, continued on his own. (See Summary of Lord of the Flies Chapter 2 – Fire on the Mountain)

  8. Jack came back frightened

    Jack came back to the boys. He seemed frightened then he hold them that he has seen something.

  9. The boys saw a creature

    The boys saw a creature that looked like an Ape. They got scared and ran away. See Summary of Chapter 8 – Gift for the darkness. (See Lord of the Flies Explanation)

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