Summary of Macbeth Act 5

Macbeth Act 5 Summary and Analysis | Shakespeare Macbeth Act-by-Act Plot Synopsis

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  1. 1 Lady Macbeth was disturbed

    Lady Macbeth was suffering from intense guilt. She had problems sleeping and she talked to herself often.

  2. 2 The English army moved

    The English army moved towards Macbeth's castle. See Summary of act 5 - Scene 2.

  3. 3 Macbeth's men turned against him

    Many men ,including Thanes, turned against Macbeth and started joining the English army. See Summary of act 5 - scene 3.

  4. 4 The queen died

    Macbeth knew that the queen died.

  5. 5 The forest moved

    The English army covered themselves with branches to hide their true number. Macbeth got a report that the forest is moving and so he believed he will get defeated. See Summary of act 5 - Scene 5.

  6. 6 The castle was surrendered

    Macbeth's castle was surrendered without a fight. See summary of act 5 - scene 7.

  7. 7 Macbeth knew about Macduff's birth

    Macduff told Macbeth that he wasn't born naturally and that he was cut out of his mother's womb. Macbeth knew that the prophecy referred to Macduff as he wasn't born of a woman.

  8. 8 Macbeth lost the war

    Macbeth's army lost the war. Malcolm's forces won.

  9. 9 Macbeth was killed

    Macduff fought Macbeth then killed him. He came back with his head.

  10. 10 Malcolm will be king

    Malcolm will be the king of Scotland.

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