Summary of Lord of the Flies Chapter 2 – Fire on the Mountain

Lord of the Flies Chapter Two: Fire on the Mountain Summary
  1. The boys had another meeting

    The boys had another meeting. They all knew they are on an Island. They decided to have hunters to hunt pigs. They also decided that the one who speaks during the meeting has to hold the Conch , another name for the shell. They also realized help won’t come soon.

  2. A little boy told them he saw a Snake

    During the meeting a little boy told the other boys he saw a Snake earlier, which he called the beastie. The boy was scared but Ralph said it must have been a dream. Jack said that even if it wasn’t they will still hunt it.

  3. The boys decided to light a fire

    Ralph told the boys that a ship might find them faster if they lit a fire on the top of the mountain. The boys got happy and excited then started collecting wood for the fire.

  4. The boys lit the fire

    After the boys collected the wood and leaves needed Ralph used Piggy’s glasses to focus the sunlight on one spot to create the fire. The fire was lit successfully.

  5. There was no smoke

    Ralph was concerned that the fire they made had no smoke but only a flame. The boys wanted a way to create smoke to signal for ships. The boys realized they need to put green branches to create smoke.

  6. The boys dedicated a team to keep the fire going

    The boys realized they need a dedicated team to keep the fire going to increase their chances of being saved. Jack decided that half of his Choir will be responsible for the fire while the other half will become hunters. (See Lord of the Flies Explanation)

  7. Piggy was annoyed Ralph doesn’t respect him

    Piggy complained that Ralph always asks him to shut up. Piggy and another kid believed they had a little chance of being saved unlike Ralph who was confident someone will save them.

  8. The boys managed to let the fire emit smoke

    The boys managed to let the fire emit enough smoke by putting green leaves into it.

  9. A little boy disappeared

    The little boy who talked earlier about the snakes suddenly disappeared. The boys realized he is not with them in the meeting and so they decided to look for him. (See Summary of Shadows and Tall Trees (Chapter 7) of Lord of the Flies)

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