Stranger Things – Chapter 2: The Weirdo on Maple Street (Summary)

The Weirdo on Maple Street Stranger Things Summary | Stranger Things Chapter 2: The Weirdo on Maple Street
  1. Mike’s basement

    Eleven and the boys arrive to the basement of Mike’s house. Mike gets her dry clothes to change because the rain got her clothes wet. The kids debate what’s happening with her. At the end, Mike decides that ‘El’ is a suitable nickname for her.

  2. The Byers’ House

    Joyce tells Jonathon that they need to photocopy posters. Hopper arrives and investigates the phone that got fried. He is still skeptical, but he says that he will visit Lonnie after arguing with Jonathon that his mom needs him to stay.

  3. Mike’s basement

    Mike and Nancy get into another argument at the breakfast table. He then goes to the basement to give El some breakfast that he stole from the breakfast table. El tells him that bad people are after her and signals with a gun motion.

  4. The Hawkins National Laboratory

    The scientists at the laboratory have been spying on the Byers’ phone calls. Meanwhile, the search is still going on for Will. (See Why Stranger Things became so popular?)

  5. The school

    Steve invites Nancy to a party at his house. Nancy talks to Jonathon who is hanging posters and offers her condolences. The school sets an assembly to search for Will. Meanwhile, the boys are worried about Mike who didn’t go to school.

  6. The Wheeler’s House

    Mike shows El around while his parents aren’t home. Meanwhile, Jonathon has a flashback of Will when he made him listen to The Clash’s Should I Stay or Should I Go. The flashback ended with Joyce having a fight with Lonnie over the phone. Will tells Jonathon that Lonnie isn’t going to come back. (See Stranger Things – Chapter 1: The Vanishing of Will Byers (Summary))

  7. The store

    Joyce visits the store where she works to buy a new phone. She asks her boss to give her the phone and two weeks in advance because she needs help finding her son. Meanwhile, the scientists visit the Byers’ house to investigate some activity.

  8. The Wheeler’s house

    Mike shows El his room and his toys. She walks around and almost immediately seems to recognize Will’s face. His mom suddenly comes back and Mike forces El to hide in the closet. His mom talks to him for a while then he heads back to his room and finds El silently crying in the closet.

  9. The lake

    Hopper stands by the lake where he received a call on the radio telling him to urgently go to Benny’s restaurant. He finds Benny dead with a gun in his hand in an apparent suicide. He tells the deputy that Benny was his friend.

  10. Lonnie’s house

    Jonathon arrives to Lonnie’s house to tell him about Will. The two don’t seem to get along at all. Meanwhile, the boys go to Mike’s house and he explains that El knows about Will. He also explains that she doesn’t want adults to know. When Lucas tries to go out, she slams the door with her mind.

  11. The police station

    Hopper has an investigation with one witness who was there before Benny died. The witness tells him about El, thinking she was a boy, but he doesn’t think it was Will. Hopper seems skeptical.

  12. The search for Will continues

    Nancy lies to her mom about going to the ceremony of the school in order to go to Steve’s party. Meanwhile, the search arrives closer to Benny’s Restaurant. Mr. Clarke finds a tag that belonged to El. He points it out and Hopper follows the tunnel that leads to the Laboratory.

  13. Mike’s basement

    Mike and the boys explain to El what friendship is. They tell her that they are her friends. Meanwhile, Barbara and Nancy go to Steve’s house.

  14. Hopper’s House

    Hopper wakes up next to some lady. He smokes a cigarette in the balcony. The lady wakes up and asks him to join her back inside but he seems distant. Meanwhile, El plays with the board and the small figures. She then flips the board ‘upside-down’ and says that Will is hiding from the Demogorgon.

  15. Steve’s party

    Jonathon continues investigating. He walks through the woods to the source of screaming and finds that he’s across from Steve’s house. He takes photos while Nancy drinks. Barbara attempts to open the can with a knife but cuts her hand.

  16. Will calls Joyce

    Will calls Joyce. This time, she hears his voice then the telephone gets fried again. The lights begin flickering and Should I Stay or Should I Go plays in Will’s room. She follows the flickering lights and stands by the lamp. Beside her, the wall moves.

  17. Joyce escapes

    Joyce immediately takes off, running for her life. She starts the car but Should I Stay or Should I Go plays in the car. The lights continue flickering. She bravely goes back to the house, wanting to find Will.

  18. Barbara’s fate

    Barbara sits by the pool after getting in a friendly argument with Nancy who told her to go home. Nancy shares the bed with Steve while Jonathon takes photos from the woods. He takes photos of Barbara whose blood fell into the pool. Lights flicker and suddenly Barbara vanishes.

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