Solve The Wheel Chamber puzzle in Uncharted 4 – Chapter 12

How do you solve the wheel puzzle in Uncharted 4? Uncharted 4 Chapter 12 Puzzle The Wheel Chamber Guide
  1. Change the symbol – 1st ring

    Move the ring one space to the right. You will then be able to rotate the symbol. Rotate it 3 times.

  2. Change the second symbol – 1st ring

    Move the ring two spaces to the left then rotate it 6 times so that the W symbol is facing you.

  3. Move the spheres into the light

    Next you need to move the ring so that the symbols fall right under the light. If you did it right the symbols should be perfectly aligned with the light.

  4. Change the symbol of the right orb – 2nd ring

    Move the ring 4 spaces to the left. Rotate it twice so that the line appears crossing the ball from the top left to the lower right.

  5. Change the symbol of the left orb – 2nd ring

    Move the ring 1 space to the left. Rotate four times so that the three lines cross the ball in the same way it is for the other orb.

  6. Get both orbs into the light

    Move both orbs so that they get into the light. (See How to solve the tiger eye puzzle – Resident Evil remastered)

  7. Change the female symbol – 3rd ring

    Rotate the dial 4 times then move the ring two spaces to the right. If done right the female symbol will fall directly under the light.

  8. Change the male symbol – 3rd ring

    Rotate the dial 6 times. Align the ring under the light so that the male symbol coincidences with the light. (See How to Solve the Happy Birthday Puzzle using Ethan – Resident Evil 7)

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