5 Most Common Sexual Personality Disorders

What is Sexuality? What are the Dysfunctions of Sexuality? What are the Categories of Sexual Disorders? What is Unhealthy Sexual Behavior? What are Hypersexuality, its Traits, and Treatments?
sexual personality disorders
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Sexual health is an essential part of a person’s overall health. It should be dealt with the same perspective as other physical health issues. You may not be aware but 43% of women and 31% of men are affected by sexual personality disorders while 30% of women and 15% of men are affected by hypoactive sexual desire disorder. To know more about unhealthy sexual behavior and how to treat hypersexuality keep reading.

1. Sexuality

An essential capacity of experiencing pleasure from sexual activity and not only sexual intercourse is termed sexuality. It is an important part of a person, and it can influence the behaviors, feelings, and thoughts of the person. Also, check out what are the advantages and disadvantages of sexual reproduction?

2. Dysfunctions of Sexuality

There are situations when you face difficulties in enjoying pleasure, or you are unable to respond sexually to your partner which is termed as sexual dysfunctions. However, if you are experiencing a change in your feelings and behaviors it is not necessarily a dysfunction. (See 15 Pressure Points To Relieve Body Discomforts)

3. Categories of Sexual Personality Disorders

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Sexual dysfunction can be divided broadly into 4 categories. A person having sexual dysfunction may be suffering from any one or more of the following problems.

  • Arousal or erectile disorder: It is a problem when the person is unable to become sexually aroused and gets into the mood physically.
  • Desire disorder: It is the situation when the person has low or almost nil desire or interest in sexual activities.
  • Orgasm disorder: It is a situation when a person has a delayed orgasm or no orgasm at all.
  • Pain disorder: When a person feels excessive physical pain and discomfort during sex.

4. Erectile Disorder

This is the situation when a man is having difficulty maintaining his erection throughout intercourse. Men develop this problem as they age, but this disorder is common in young people also. It is not a permanent problem and can be resolved with proper medication and a healthy lifestyle. To know more about it, check out why you can’t get fully hard?

5. Female Orgasmic Disorder

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When a female is having difficulty in reaching orgasm and thus unable to enjoy sexual intercourse, she may be suffering from this disorder. The reason behind this condition can be psychological factors or biological factors, and sometimes both. Among various sexual personality disorders, the most common ways used to treat this are physical therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which can be prescribed by the therapist. Must read about the significance of CBT Anger Management Therapy.

6. Sexual Interest or Arousal Dysfunction

This hypoactive sexual desire dysfunction is common in women. This is the situation when females have problems arousing their desire to get into sexual activity and even if they get into it, they are not enjoying it due to their lack of interest in having sex. They are not at all excited about sexual intercourse because they do not find it pleasurable. Males also suffer from hypoactive sexual desire dysfunction when they do not want to think about sex or have sex. (See What are Sleep Disorders?)

7. Penetration Disorder

Women facing physical pain during intercourse are suffering from genitor-pelvic pain or penetration disorder. If you experience any of the following symptoms, there are chances that you are suffering from this disorder.

  • Fear or anxiety of suffering pain during sex.
  • Pain during the penetration process.
  • Pelvic muscles get tensed during penetration.
  • Extreme pelvic pain during penetration and intercourse. 

8. Ejaculation Dysfunction

When a person reaches orgasm way too soon or too late, they may be suffering from ejaculation dysfunction. Talking about sexual personality disorders, according to experts, mostly men from the age group 18 to 59 experience this type of dysfunction. However, this condition is termed a biological issue, but sometimes it can be psychological too. (See How Do We Get Sick?)

9. Unhealthy Sexual Behavior

sexual personality disorders 1
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When someone is involved in unprotected sexual intercourse with multiple sex partners, it is termed unhealthy sexual behavior. Traumatic sexual intercourse is also said to be unhealthy sexual behavior. Take a look at the following illicit and unhealthy sexual habits or sexual personality disorders.

  • Paraphilias: It is the condition when a person is involved in sexual interest with inanimate things or activities that are not normal. The behavior of a person with this disorder can cause severe distress in them as well as others.
  • Pedophilic: In this condition, the person feels a continuous sexual attraction towards a minor. This person will have repeated sexual urges and thoughts toward a child which affects a person’s thinking.
  • Exhibitionistic: When a person feels sexually aroused by exposing their private parts for strangers to see and act.
  • Voyeuristic: It is a disorder when a person is involved in watching someone without their consent while they are engaged in sexual activity, watching a person naked, or undressing.
  • Sexual sadism: When a person enjoys painful sex, humiliation, and suffering from another person.
  • Sexual masochism: In various sexual personality disorders, the person with this disorder enjoys the sexual pleasure received after experiencing immense pain and suffering.
  • Frotteurism: When a person feels pleasure by rubbing their private on someone else and that too without the consent of the other person.
  • Fetishism: It is the condition in which sexual activities or fantasies are dependent on objects, and non-sexual body parts like feet or hands. It becomes a disorder when this habit affects the daily activities of the person. 

10. Hypersexuality

The condition when a person becomes highly addicted to sex is known as hypersexuality or compulsive sexual behavior. A person suffering from this disorder is obsessive about sex, sexual fantasies, and sexual acts to an extent that it starts affecting different areas of their life. In the next segments, go through the list of its symptoms, reasons, and how to treat hypersexuality. (See Busted! Evaporation Line Myths on a Pregnancy Test)

11. Symptoms of Hypersexuality

A person suffering from hypersexuality will have more than one or all of the following symptoms.

  • They have difficulty controlling their sexual urges
  • Irresistible sexual behavior
  • Continuously following their sexual behavior even when they have suffered harm from them earlier
  • Such people have difficulty maintaining good relations even with their partners due to their preoccupation with sex. 

12. Reasons behind Hypersexuality

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According to some research, among the various sexual personality disorders, this sexual disorder may occur due to the following reasons.

  • Chemical imbalance: As the brain is the controller of major activities including sexual activities, therefore, any chemical imbalance in the brain may result in either lack of interest in sexual activity or a disorder like hypersexuality. Most probably the imbalance of dopamine is the cause of it.
  • Mental health conditions: Some mental health conditions tend to damage parts of the brain, like epilepsy. Therefore, it can also be one of the reasons.
  • Medications: Various medicines affect the libido of a person. Overdose or long-term use of medicines can also cause this disorder. 

13. How to treat Hypersexuality?

A combined treatment of medicines and psychotherapy can help treat hypersexuality.

  • Anti-depressants: If this disorder is the result of depression, then treating it will reduce and control the sexual urges of the person. 
  • Mood stabilizer medication: Medicines used to treat bipolar disorders and other mood swings seem to treat this disorder too. 
  • Vivitrol: This medicine is used to reduce addiction and dependency on alcohol and opiate, which are a type of behavioral addiction. Hypersexuality is also a type of behavioral addiction. Therefore, this medicine may be useful.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): This method is used for treating various mental health issues by helping the person focus and identify the negative behaviors and thoughts. So, the person can replace them.
  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy: This therapy focuses on making you aware of your unconscious behaviors and thoughts. It also helps you recognize the triggers for such behaviors.

So, today you got to know about sexual personality disorders, how to treat hypersexuality, and unhealthy sexual behavior. (Also read What is the Medical Term for Gooch?)

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