Secret Window (2004) Movie Explained

Secret Window Film Summary (2004) | Secret Window (2004) Movie Explained
  1. The Shooter is Mort’s alter ego

    In the movie, Shooter tells Mort that he stole his story. Although, the good thing about Mort was that he never asked Shooter for money or an apology. But, John Shooter requests Mort to change the ending of the story. Mort also wanted to do the same but did not dare to do it.

  2. Mort discovers Shooter is his alter-ego

    After a while in the movie, Mort finds out that Shooter is his own alter-ego, which he created to switch the circumstances in his life. You would notice that Mort has written everywhere in his cabin “Shoot her”; therefore, that makes Shooter.

  3. Mort changes the ending

    He alters the end of the story to Secret Window. But, that comes at the expense of Amy and Ted’s lives. Unfortunately, he has to kill both of them and bury them in the garden. In the end, he also tells a part of the story.

  4. Rainey embraces Shooter

    Rainey grasps his alter ego that was represented as John Shooter. In the end, he states part of what he has rewritten, ‘I’m sure that in time, every bit of her will be gone and her death will be a mystery… even to me.’ By saying this, he confirms that he might forget what happened.

  5. Amy Rainey was having an affair

    Before the events of the story began to unfold, it was found that Mort Rainey’s wife Amy was having a relationship with Ted.

  6. Mort Rainey wrote a Secret Window

    Mort’s story named “Secret Window” was written, but his wife did not like it. (See Transcendence (2014) Movie Explained)

  7. Amy and Mort are going through divorce

    They were going through a divorce, although Mort never wanted this to happen. Amy initiated this as she wanted to get married to Ted.

  8. Amy and Ted are living in Mort’s house

    This was something that would hurt Mort the most. When he saw them together at his place, it would make him go crazy. (See The Thinning (2016) Movie Explained)

  9. Mort is a writer

    He is a well-known fiction writer. He wrote the story ‘Secret Window’ that was published a couple of years back. He makes characters for his fiction from events that he goes through in real life.

  10. Mort developed psychological issues

    He started having some psychological problems as he always thinks about seeing Amy with Ted, and when he saw them together for the first time.

  11. He invented John Shooter

    He is one character that Mort Rainey himself created, and that was just he alter ego.

  12. Mort relates to Secret Window

    He closely related his real-life to the story of Secret Window. The story was all about a man whose wife always sees from a secret window into the garden. Although he absolutely dislikes the end of the story.

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