10 Rose Apple Benefits

What is a Rose Apple? How is it Beneficial for Internal Organs? How can it Improve Skin Health?
Rose Apple Benefits

Our world is full of different types of fruits and vegetables with numerous benefits. One famous and beloved fruit is apple which is known for its nutritious value and various health benefits. Though, very few of us have heard about the rose apple and the health benefits of rose apple. So today, we will know more about rose apple benefits.

A. Rose Apple

This apple is scientifically known as Syzygium aqueum. They are grown on tropical evergreen trees of low height. They are also commonly known as Bell fruits and Water apples. (See What is Golden Delicious Apples?)

There are four varieties of Rose apples grown around the world:

  • Jambu rose apples,
  • Water rose apples,
  • Java rose apples, and
  • Malay rose apples.

B. Different Languages: Different Names

The water rose apples, are known by various names in different languages.

  • In the Thai language, people named it Machompu-Pa and Chom Pu Pa.
  • In Malaysian, they are called Jambu Ayer and Jambu Chili.
  • In French, people call them Pomme D’eau and Jambosier D’eau.
  • In Spain, they are called Perita Costena and Manzana De Agua.
  • Japanese people call them Renbu and Mizu.
  • And in Hindi, it is called Chambakka or Pani Seb. (See What Is Sugar Apple Fruit?)

C. Taste and Texture of Rose apples

These apples are harvested during the early winters and till late summers. Water apples are not similar in taste to our common apples. 

  • They are in a bell shape like pear and are approx 5 to 8 cm in length.
  • These apples have a light, faint aroma after ripening with mild sweetness.
  • Their skin is smooth and thin. The flesh is commonly white, but their flesh color mainly depends on their cultivar grown.

Rose apple benefits can be obtained by consuming them raw, in salads, jams, jellies, or can be added to desserts too. It is also used in making fruit sauce and syrup. (See Meaning of Different Colour Roses)

Rose Apple Benefits

D. Nutritional Value of Rose Apples

Having mild sweetness these fruits are highly nutritious, just like other apples. A rose apple of approx 100 grams contains 13 mg sulfur, 29 mg calcium, 123 mg potassium, 24.78% Vitamin C, 0.88% Iron, 1014% Phosphorus, and Total Fat up to 0.86%. Overall, Water apples are highly rich in fiber, calcium, iron, Vitamin C and A, and proteins. (See Types of Green Apples)

E. Rose Apple Benefits

In this segment, we will learn all the benefits of rose apple:

1. Reduces Risk of Stroke

The adequate amount of Vitamin C present in water apples provides a number of benefits to our body which can lower the chances and conditions relating to a stroke. It helps in menacing health ailments like cardiac health issues, blood pressure, inflammation, atherosclerosis, and endothelial health.

2. Prevents Diabetes

These apples increase the activities, which lead to the burning of extra carbohydrates in the body. And this helps in lowering blood glucose levels and maintains insulin secretion in the body.

3. Removes Free Radicals

When a human is exposed to some kind of radiation, the body starts developing substances known as free radicals. Such substances can also be developed on the consumption of tobacco and smoking, and such substances are toxic and harmful to health leading to the development of life-threatening conditions like cancer. But Vitamin C provided from these apples acts as an anti-oxidants which helps in the removal of these damaging radicals. It enhances the immune system.

4. Relieves Muscle Cramps

The presence of potassium in water apples enhances muscle strength. Muscle cramps happen when the body is low on potassium.

5. Boosts Good Cholesterol

A form of Vitamin B known as Niacin is provided from water apples. This vitamin helps in the development of good cholesterol, known as HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol levels in the body. It also works on the reduction of levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol and triglycerides. (See How Acidic Is Stomach Acid?)

6. Beneficial for Skin Health

We need Vitamin A and C for healthy skin. Our skin suffers a lot because of our poor diet and lazy lifestyle. But the damage can be reduced by consuming water apples, and they also help in reducing dryness, wrinkles, and oxidative stress. (See Do Women Have Adam’s Apple?)

7. Helps in Relieving Constipation

Water apples are a rich source of dietary fiber, which helps in the smooth functioning of the digestive system. People suffering from indigestion or contraction may find some relief from consuming it. The process of excretion from the body is one of the Rose Apple Benefits. It is improvised and maintained, which leads to the maintenance of healthy body weight.

8. Contains Antioxidant Qualities

Anti-oxidation is the process of restricting molecules oxidation. Oxidation of molecules starts because of the development of free radicals. These can be removed from the body through the consumption of water apples because it provides Vitamin E, Lycopene, Lutein, Vitamin C, Beta Carotene, Selenium, and Zeaxanthin. (See Top 20 Foods that contain Antioxidants)

9. Helps with Acne

There are various types of skin infections that leave a negative impact on the skin. One such skin infection is Acne Vulgaris which causes inflammation on the skin. The leaves of water apple plants are rich in anti-acne properties like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial.

Rose Apple Benefits

10. Helps Protect Liver

Research conducted by Gujarat Ayurveda University concluded that extract of water apple plant has liver-protecting agents which leads to the improvement of the functioning of the liver. Better performance means less stress and more functioning. (See How to make healthy eating unbelievably easy by Luke Durward)

F. Several Medicinal Uses of Parts of Rose Apples

Not only the fruit but other parts of this plant are also used traditionally and medicinally because of their medicinal advantages.

  • Fruits are used in the salad that is served at the childbirth ceremony. And in India, people consume it as a tonic for brain and liver enhancers as a part of Rose Apple Benefits. As per Chinese tradition, it acts as a blood coolant too. Its peels help in treating ulcers, warming up the stomach, and strengthening the spleen.
  • Seeds are beneficial in treating diseases like dysentery and diarrhea. In Nicaragua, Central American people roast and powder the seeds to consume for the treatment of diabetes. People from Columbia believed that these seeds have properties as a painkiller.
  • Leaves are made into decorations and hung up in houses because it is a belief among people that watching these leaves may relieve sore eyes.
  • Flowers can be utilized in preparing something sweet. This sweet can also be helpful in bringing down fever because of the properties of the flower petals.
  • The bark is used in folklore medicine prepared in Malaysia. The liquid remaining after boiling the bark is helpful in treating Thrush, a type of fungal infection in the mouth, throat, and other parts. It can also help treat hoarseness, asthma, and bronchitis.
  • People from Cuba and Mexico use the roots of the water apple to treat epilepsy. In Chinese tradition, they are applicable as blood coolants. (See What are the health benefits of drinking Green Tea?)

G. Precautions to be Followed

Although Rose Apple Benefits from its fruit and other plant parts are impressive, roots, seeds, and stems contain amounts of prussic acid, hydrocyanic acid, or cyanide. All these acids are highly toxic for the human body and can be dangerous if consumed without proper instructions. To know which rose apple benefits our body, it is necessary to consult a doctor before including rose apples in your diet on a regular basis. (See What Does It Mean When Your Blood Is Dark Red?)

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