Rings (2017) Movie Explanation

Rings Movie Review & Film Summary (2017) | Rings (2017) Movie Explanation
  1. Samara was killed

    Samara, a child who possessed super powers, was drowned in a well. She stayed there for 6 days then died on the 7th.

  2. Samara’s spirit is seeking vengeance

    Samara’s spirit decided to seek vengeance by killing those who watch the tape after 7 days. The only thing that can save a person who watched the tape is making a copy of it and letting someone else watch it.

  3. Gabriel is conducting experiments on the tape

    Gabriel found the tape very interesting. He started doing experiments on it by letting people watch it. Holt was one of the people who watched the video not knowing about the curse.

  4. Julia watched the video to save Holt

    In order to save Holt, Julia decided to watch the video so that she becomes Holt’s tail. Now, Julia has only 7 days to live.

  5. The video had new clues for Julia

    As Julia watched the video, she saw more signs hidden in the video that no one previously saw. Julia believed that if she followed those signs and eventually burned Samara’s body, she can end the curse. (See The Witch (2015) Movie Explained)

  6. Burke is Samara’s father

    Burke, the blind man, is Samara’s father. He used to be a priest then he kidnapped Evelyn and got her pregnant. After discovering Samara’s evil powers, he blinded himself in order not to see her again and so protect himself.

  7. Burke hid Samara’s body in the well

    Burke hid Samara’s body in the well to prevent people from finding it. He stopped being a priest and acted like he didn’t know Samara’s story. (See The Devil’s Candy (2017) Movie Explained)

  8. Samara Kills Burke

    Julia went to Burke’s home and found Samara’s body. Burke attacked her but she was saved by Samara who restored his vision before killing him.

  9. Julia burned the body

    Julia burned Samara’s body thinking she had ended the curse.

  10. The mark on Julia’s hand means rebirth

    The mark on Julia’s hand meant Rebirth. The mark was referring to the fact that Samara was tricking Julia to release her and allow her rebirth.

  11. Samara took over Julia’s body

    Samara took over Julia’s body then spread the video all over the internet.

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