Red Lights Movie (2012) Ending Explained

Red Lights (2012): Movie Plot Ending Explained | Red Lights Movie Review & Film Summary
  1. Tom Buckley has special powers

    Tom Buckley has special and supernatural powers. All of the strange things that were happening to Buckley throughout the movie were happening because of his own powers and not Silver’s powers.

  2. Buckley caused the special events

    All the strange happened that happened to Buckley such as the dead birds, the vandalized laboratory and the explosion of electric devices were happening because of his own powers.

  3. Silver was a fraud

    Simon Silver was a fraud and none of his super powers truly existed. Silver was just good at deception, which is why he seemed genuine to people including investigators.

  4. Silver wasn’t blind

    Silver wasn’t blind, but he was just faking it. Buckley made that clear when he threw the coin at him while he was shocked. Silver’s reflex action proved that he can actually see. (See Alien Covenant Movie Explained)

  5. Buckley exposed silver

    Buckley managed to expose silver in the presence of a large crowd and all people knew that he was a fraud.

  6. Margaret’s death was natural

    Margaret’s death was a natural death. It was not Silver who did it since the man doesn’t have any kind of special powers apart from his ability to deceive people.

  7. Buckley was looking for answers

    The reason Buckley was investigating people with paranormal powers is that he wanted to find answers by connecting with other people who have super powers. (See The Matrix Trilogy Explained)

  8. Buckley had inner struggles

    A part of Buckley wanted him to became a psychiatrist because of the good career opportunity but another part wanted him to continue such investigations to find people like himself.

  9. Buckley wanted Margaret to know the truth

    At the end of the movie, Buckley felt bad about not letting Margaret know that people with such super natural powers truly exist. This was clear in the letter he wrote to her after her death.

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