10 Red Flags in a Relationship with a Woman

What Red Flags to look out for? Does she criticize you too often? Is she on her phone 24 X 7?
Red flags in a relationship with a woman

Read our list of top 10 red flags in a relationship with a woman. Red flags are watch-out signals in a relationship that might prove to be toxic in the long term. When you start a new relationship, it is easier to see only the positive aspects of it, ignoring the doubts and negative pull-ups that come by. To begin with, if you feel continuously unhappy, then something is not right in the relationship. Researches have shown that spending time only with one another is also a factor leading to toxicity in the later stages.

1. Criticizes You Too Often

To get this clear, it is important to understand the difference between complaint and criticism meticulously. Complaint is when you are actually worried about someone’s whereabouts, however, criticizing is just about yelling at someone, no matter whose fault it might be. Hence, watch out, if someone is continuously treating you as a punching bag since it is one of the red flags in a relationship with a woman.

2. Contemptuous & Sarcastic in Conversations

It is a red flag if you cannot open up in front of your partner. Some people take up a while in opening in front of a new partner. But, if that feeling remains for long surely it is a red flag. Does your girlfriend or wife take your discussions in mockery, sarcasm, & disrespect? Ultimately, you would feel unloved and devalued. If there is a voice within you that tells you to stop sharing your feelings, then surely you are not with the right person. Therefore, it is time to take a step back.

 3. Gets Defensive when She makes a Mistake

Blaming others for your problem is one of the most apocalyptic phases of a relationship. Defensiveness escalates conflicts and promotes the blame game. So, the next time you find yourself in a similar situation, then consider it as one of the relationship red flags to look out for. (See How to Ask Someone to Do Something for You)

4. Refuses to Engage in a Conversation

I need a break. Does this sound familiar? If yes, then that break could be as less as an hour to as long as months apart from each other. Stonewalling is a route people often take, thinking that it would make their relationship better. However, it just increases misunderstanding amongst them.

5. Needs Constant Reassurance

This might not seem like a red flag in the short term. But, in the long term, this is a major relationship red flag to look out for. If your girlfriend constantly needs you to reassure her and needs an emotional pick-me-up from time to time. No matter how well the relationship is at the moment, it would eventually fail as to no matter how much you love someone else, you need to love yourself first. (See Why Instagram is bad for relationships?)

6. Not Over Her Past Relationships

Theories revealed that frequent contact with her ex indicates that the relationship prevails even today. It may be that they are not exactly at the same level as they were earlier, however, a rebound phase may occur in later stages. Although, chatting as friends from time to time is fine. On the other hand, blocking your girl can itself be a red flag. So do not ever do that.

7. Super Drama Queen

No one can act better than my girlfriend – do you say this quite often? Everything that she says or does seems as if she is a part of the soap opera. Definitely, it is one of the red flags in a relationship with a woman. This would eventually make you feel emotionally unsupported. (See How Should A Woman Treat Her Man)

8. Overly Cringy

In case, your girlfriend texts you too much or is overly cringy, she is overstepping natural boundaries. Thus, it is a red flag for the relationship as she is getting in the way of being focused, and more productive during work hours. That overstepping of natural boundaries depletes the time you would have spent with friends and family, outside of business hours.

9. Shares Other People’s Secrets with You

If this is the case, then your girlfriend is breaking the trust of the people by telling their secrets. Since this is something that could be done with anyone around, beware. Gossips are tricky though an essential part of society. However, when they affect years of trust, then it acts as a red flag in any relationship. (

10. You’ve Nothing to Talk About

If your compatibility is in question, then you are not made for each other. A one-sided conversation is another one of the red flags in a relationship with a woman as it portrays your partner to be self-centered. When the gap starts to widen up, it eventually drives you apart. 

What to do when you spot Red Flags?

If you spot any of the above-mentioned red flags, then try and talk to your partner. It is never too late to start afresh in a relationship. Take your time and resolve the feelings that prevail. In case, you feel that you are not in a healthy relationship, then the safest thing is to end it. (See How to Get Over a Breakup in Less Than a Week?) Learn to be your own individuals before patching up with your girl.

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