14 Reasons Why I Like To Be Alone

What are the Characteristics of a Personality? What could be the Reasons for liking to be Alone? Do you often Avoid meaningless Small Talks? Do you Feel Uneasy around others? Are you an Introvert?
14 Reasons Why I Like To Be Alone

You must have heard that not every person is the same. It is not confined to just their looks as the difference includes all the traits of a person. Some prefer to socialize while some people like to be alone. Among those people, one is me, and I like to be alone too. I wonder why do I like to be alone. You will get to know the reasons behind people who like to be alone as you continue reading the article.

Characteristics of a Personality

To get a better understanding of the different personality traits, it is better to take a look at the Big Five. It contains five traits that will tell you about how a person feels, thinks, and behaves.

  • An agreeable person trusts and respects others. They are considerate, kind, and cooperative with people as well as themselves. Also,check out what are Physical Characteristics of a Person?
  • Conscientious people are responsible, organized, and thorough. There is nothing that they hide and they are productive in whatever they do.
  • Extraverted people are outgoing, love to socialize, assertive, and talkative. They never try to be alone.
  • A neurotic person is always tense and moody. They worry too much and lead themselves to anxiety and depression.
  • Open people are those who are curious and have a creative imagination. They are ready to express their original self. (See How do I Learn to Love Myself?)

14 Reasons Why I like to be Alone

If I want to be alone and spend some me-time, then it is perfectly normal. But having this as a habit sometimes makes others wonder what could be the reason. To find the answer to why do I like to be alone, continue to read ahead. Must read 20 reasons people break up.

1. Low on energy

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Some people get energized by jumping here and there, going to movies with friends, and doing other such stuff. Whereas a person who loves to be alone finds the comfort of their place more peaceful. They cannot gather the energy to go out and roam. For such people, relaxing is more soothing. (See Anxious Attachment in Adults)

2. Can do What I want

It is a perk of being alone that I can do whatever I like. It is not necessary that what I like, others will like it too. For example, I like painting, others do not like it, I want to try dancing but my friends are not willing to, etc. Thus, being with others gives me a feeling of losing myself. Therefore, staying alone at my place and doing all of my favorite things is not that bad. (See Woes of the Bored and Lonely Mind)

3. Love Quiet Environment

No, it is not a crime to cherish some peaceful quiet time alone. It is unnecessary to always spend those Friday nights in pubs and parties. Also, my circle is full of noisy people, and being with them disturbs my peace of mind. Therefore, my love for silence is normal and so I like to be alone. (See How to Heal Yourself Emotionally?)

4. Avoid Meaningless Small Talks

With the advancement of technologies, there are hardly any points left to talk to people. If I cross paths with someone, they are just talking about the weather and bidding farewell. What is the point of such a talk? People do this to avoid the awkward silence, but I cannot stand it. (See Do you have the Rescuer Syndrome?)

5. Be More Productive

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Some people can work well in chaos, but I cannot focus and do my best if I am distracted by people and their endless talks. I love being alone because it is the time my true productivity comes out and I can wind up the work quicker. Being alone helps me concentrate more. (See What is Personalization Cognitive Distortion?)

6. Not into Gossip and Dramas

Backbitching people to look better in front of others is not a nice habit. These days, everyone is indulged in ruining others’ images and enjoying the drama happening around them. All these toxic behaviors are entertainment for them. But I do not like doing this, so being alone is the way to stay away from all this. (See What is Narcissistic Rage Silent Treatment?)

7. Being Emotionally Balanced

Another reason I like to be alone is that I do not need someone to accompany me to stay sane, smile, or enjoy life. I am sufficient in myself to handle my emotional issues rather than making them public entertainment. Also, I like to be alone as I feel comfortable being alone rather than being in someone else’s company. (See What is a Positive Mindset?)

8. Feel Hard to Deal with others’ Emotions

It does not mean I cannot show empathy toward others. It is just that I feel responsible for solving their issues if I am listening to their problems. Their emotional disturbances tend to shake my mental peace too. (See 6 Negative Health Effects of Self Harm and Cutting Habits)

9. Feel Uneasy around others

Being around people makes me feel uneasy and there is a formality of behaving in a certain way. In my place, there are no such restrictions on behaving in a particular way and there are no unnecessary people around to make me feel uneasy. (See Different Types of BPD)

10. Don’t enjoy Crowded Place

i like to be alone 4

Sometimes experience is the barrier to your enjoyment. Though I am ready to listen to their interests, hobbies, etc. At the same time, I do not want to disclose more details about myself. I think it is too soon to trust others to become more open with them. (See How to Be Loved By Everyone?)

11. Not an Attention Seeker

People often seek attention by doing silly or aggressive things. This may gain attention for the time being, but their value is not being enhanced. I like to be alone because I do not like to be a part of this crowd, which is more about attracting others towards them rather than earning people’s attention through their achievements. (See What Is Parentification?)

12. Introvert Nature

The first thing that comes to your mind on hearing the word introvert is the lonely people who like to be alone. So, maybe I am one of those introverts. I simply do not enjoy anyone else’s company for a long time, because no one is worth the time that I can simply spend on my own. (See Am I Passive Aggressive?)

13. Deep Thinker

A lot is going on in people’s minds and there is no end to it. Some people prefer to quiet those thoughts by surrounding themselves with other people, while others prefer to sit alone and think about them. I am the latter one because sitting alone and thinking about the situations from the beginning helps me sort my way out. I find it more reliable than discussing it with someone. (See How to Deal with Emotionally Manipulative Parents?)

14. No one to Understand

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It may sound childish, but it is a fact. People try to find someone who understands them, but in real life, they do not know themselves. These hollow expectations lead to a painful experience. Instead expecting anyone else to understand me or my problems or situations is a waste of time. Taking advice is fine, but relying on others is not my type of thing. I know what I am and, therefore, I can sort things out my way. Must read the benefits of getting an Emotional Support Animal.

You can consider all or one of the reasons I like to be alone. I also just figured out why do I like to be alone and why people who like to be alone are considered aliens by society. You can share it with your friends and family and share your views. (See Why is Quantitative Research Important?)

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