Pipe Dream Definition Origin

What is the Meaning of Pipe Dream? What is the Reason to Use it? Where and When did it Originate? Who can have a Pipe Dream?
Pipe Dream Definition Origin

You all have heard about different types of dreams. Like good dreams, bad dreams, prophetic dreams, etc. But what is the pipe dream definition origin? Is it some kind of unrealistic dream or, is it a vision? While you dream, sometimes they are a signal from the heavens, but sometimes they can be a nightmare as well. Dreams are not in the control of any human. But what kind of a dream is a pipe dream? So today, you will find out about its origin and uses.

1. Origin of the Term in History

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The term pipe dream originated during the 1870s in the United States. The term had been used, in the context of a person hallucinating after smoking opium. Opium is a type of narcotic drug. It’s derived from the unripe seedpods of the Opium poppy. (Also read How it feels to be high on Opium?

A large amount of Opium arrived in the United States with the California Gold Rush from China in 1850. Opium was sold and used widely in places known as dens. During the middle and late 1800s, there were opium dens in the western United States. They were found everywhere during that period. People smoked opium from a pipe that arrived from China. . During that time, people hallucinating under the effect of opium were said to be having opium dreams, opium pipe dreams, or pipe dreams. You can also check out the Gesundheit origin story.

2. Use of the Phrase in Literary Works

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  • It’s considered that a pipe dream definition origin was famous in Chicago or the areas nearby. The Chicago Daily Tribune mentioned the phrase for the first time was published in 1890.
  • Later the term was also printed in The Fort Wayne Gazette in 1895. It phrase has been used in the context of opium smoking.
  • In a play written by George Ade, an American play-writer and, columnist this term was mentioned. The name of that play was Artie: A Story of the Streets and Town, released in 1896. (See Examples of Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe Quotes)
  • During the 18th and 19th centuries pipe dream definition origin and the phrase was used as an allusion by the writers. Lewis Caroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland, has mentioned allusions to the drug in the story.
  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge is known for the best use of allusion in his literary works. In his work Kubla Khan, he used the term but denied its connection to opium.
  • It is also used in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s story, where Sherlock Holmes, the lead character had to visit an opium den for research.
  • In England, this term was unknown until the starting of the 1900s. It came to be known when an American novelist Bettina von Hutten mentioned it in her novel Pam in 1904. (Also read What does Pepega mean?)

3. Opium and its Unrealistic Dream

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  • In the 1800s, this term was first used to define the hallucination and unrealistic dream of a person after smoking opium. The pipe used in this context was a smoking pipe but was not filled with tobacco but with opium.
  • But by the 1890s, the term pipe dream began to be used in more of a figurative sense. To describe or to define any such dream which was impossible to attain was defined by the term. It is a type of unrealistic hope or fantasy that a person has. (Also read How to Remember Dreams in the Morning?

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, a pipe dream is used for an idea or plan that is very unlikely to happen or is impossible. You can also find the answer to do sheep sleep.

So today, you got to know about the pipe dream definition origin. About three centuries ago, the term was used, in the context of those people who were out of their senses after inhaling opium. But now, it is widely used for the unrealistic dream that a person has which are illogical and not attainable. These are things that you imagine to happen without giving effort. So in reality, don’t get involved in any kind of false hope. (Also read Why Does Zoloft Cause Weight Gain?)

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