Pinocchio Story Summary

Who was Pinocchio? What is the Story of Pinocchio? Was he a real Person? Who Wrote the Tale? What Lessons do You learn from his Story?
Pinocchio Story Summary

In your childhood, you must have heard several fairy tales, and in the end, they all had happy endings. But some stories do not have a happy ending. But the moral behind the story was very strong. One such story was Pinocchio. Let us today know about the Pinocchio story summary. And what was the Pinocchio short story moral lesson for children and adults?

1. Author of the Story

An Italian author, Carlo Collodi, wrote a novel for children, The Adventures of Pinocchio. It was based on a puppet (marionette) named Pinocchio and his adventures. The story gives various lessons about life to all, like how being disobedient proved dangerous for the puppet and the lessons he learned from his mistakes. Let’s continue to cover all the parts of the story. (Also read Legend of the Pretzel)

2. Geppetto, The Kind Father

Once upon a time, there was an enchanted log of pine wood. A woodcutter, Mastro Antonio, picked it from the jungle and decided to make the leg of his table from it. When the master raised the ax to chop it, the log spoke up, Please save me. Flustered by the voice, he gave it to his neighbor, Geppetto, the woodcarver. He was a poor man who worked very hard to have a future by making puppets. (Also read Go to the John Meaning)

  • Geppetto decided to carve a puppet from it and he had fatherly emotions towards him, so named him Pinocchio. The puppet was mischievous even before he was completely carved. He kicks him as soon as his legs are cut. When his father, Geppetto was teaching him how to walk, he ran out of the house into the village and had to come back later. Little did he know, his nose was growing in length by every act of mischief that he was doing. 
  • One day, while walking through the streets, Geppetto came across a Carabiniere. Earlier everyone had assumed that the woodcarver had imprisoned the puppet. But that was not the case and so Geppetto was punished and sent to prison for keeping the puppet with him.
  • In the meantime, Pinocchio got hungry and left the house searching for food but got soaked with cold water. He returned home and slept next to the fireplace to dry himself. The next morning, when Geppeto returned from prison, Pinocchio couldn’t rise because his legs had somehow turned into ashes. Geppetto managed to enter the house through a window, fed him some pears, and then made a new pair of legs for him.

Pinocchio promised to become a good boy and agreed to go to school as he understood that Geppetto loved him like a father. There is more to read in the Pinocchio story summary, so dive into the next segment. (Also read True History of Humpty Dumpty Rhyme)

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3. Death of The Talking Cricket

Pinocchio was once responsible for the death of the talking cricket. It happened while he was roaming here and there to find something to eat, Pinocchio heard a cricket telling him something. Cricket has lived in that house for over a century. He advised Pinocchio not to be disobedient and self-indulged because he might fall into problems. He also told him to be nice to his father. Pinocchio got irritated and threw a hammer at the cricket and that struck and he died accidentally. (Also read Anthropomorphic Art Meaning with Examples)

4. Mischievous Pinocchio and the Puppet Master

After a few days, Geppetto sold his only coat to buy a book for Pinocchio. This Pinocchio story summary further unfolds how he falls into traps.

  • On the first day of his school, Pinocchio sold the book to buy tickets for a puppet show. The puppets of the show noticed him and recognized him as their puppet sibling. This interference in the show had angered the puppet master, Mangiafuoco.
  • He caught Pinocchio and decided to burn him and make him dinner. Pinocchio pleaded to spare his life. The mean puppet master felt sad for him and set Pinocchio free. He gave him five gold coins to pass to Geppetto. (Also read 10 Best Anime Series)

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5. Pinocchio and The Deceivers

Pinocchio left happily leaving the puppet master. But again, problems found him when he came across a fox and a cat. They deceived him by faking to be blind and told him about a magic land, a land where he can plant his gold coins, and that will grow into a gold plant. Then the cricket appeared to him as a ghost and told him not to believe these strangers, but he ignored the advice once again and went with them. Later the puppet understood that he got fooled by their tricks. (See Insights of Acme Warner Bros)

6. More Problems for Pinocchio

As mentioned, the fox and the cat disguised themselves as robbers and they caught him to get the gold coins. Further, the Pinocchio story summary will mention the punishments received by the deceivers. 

  • To get rid of the robbers, Pinocchio then bite them and ran off. He knocked on the door of a house in the jungle, but robbers caught him and hung him on a tree to get his gold which he had hidden under his tongue.
  • There was a girl in that house who was a blue-haired fairy. She asked the falcon to bring Pinocchio down and called the owl, crow, and ghost of cricket to check whether he was alive or not.
  • As Pinnochio kept lying to the robbers about the gold, his nose started getting longer and longer, so he could not turn his head around in the room. The fairy told him that his mischief and lies would make his nose grow more.
  • After that, the woodpeckers had to cut the nose back to its size. The fairy helped him to set free from there and then he left for the magic land to hide his coins. (See 30 Best Cartoon Characters of all time)

7. Pinocchio getting Punished

After being set free from the tree of the fairy house, Pinocchio buried his coins but the cat and the fox somehow stole them. He was sentenced to prison for being foolish. But when he complained to Judge Gorilla, he was also released because the prince announced the day as a celebration of victory.

Pinocchio then rushed back to the house of the fairy. But on his way, he stole a few grapes from a farmer’s yard. That farmer tied him as a punishment. After being released, he reached the house, but by then, she had died. The Pinocchio story summary tells us how he will find his way back to the fairy. (Also read First Full Length Movie Ever Made)

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8. Pinocchio and Mother Fairy

Pinocchio then decided to return to his father. On his way back, a pigeon helped Pinocchio reach the shore where his father was building a ship, but again his boat drowned along with his father’s. He swam towards him but was unable to save him. The puppet reached the island of Busy Bee with the help of a dolphin. There he found the blue-haired fairy, and she adopted him as her son.

She also told him that if he is a good and obedient boy for one year, then he will become a human. He kept his promise and ranked top in his class, but he was getting under the bad influence of his friend Candlewick, a troublemaker, who tempted him to visit the Land of Toys which he eventually did. (Also read Top 10 Miraculous Ladybug Characters Villains)

9. Candlewick and Pinocchio Becoming Donkey

Pinocchio was attracted to Candlewick’s offer and headed towards the Land of Toys. The poor cricket again told him to return to his fairy mother, but he ignored him. Pinocchio and Candlewick played and enjoyed in the Land of Toys for five months. But after catching donkey fever, they both were turned into donkeys. (Also read Is Dunce A Bad Word?)

So Candlewick was sold to a peasant, and Pinocchio was sold to a circus master. There he suffered an injury and was thrown into the sea to die, where the fishes ate his donkey’s body. He then started swimming in the sea to find his father. In the next segment of the Pinocchio story summary, you will see how Pinocchio and his father were reunited. 

10. Reunion in Shark’s Stomach

While swimming in the sea, a shark swallowed Pinocchio. But in its stomach, he met a tuna fish and his father too. Geppetto was swallowed by the fish when their ships drowned. Their joys knew no bounds, and with each other’s help, they jumped into the water from the monster’s mouth while it was sleeping peacefully. He took Geppetto on his shoulders and began to swim towards the shore, but soon ran out of breath.

Tuna helped them to reach the shore to repay their favor for helping him escape from the shark. There Pinocchio also saw the cat and the fox who were suffering punishments for their bad deeds. (See How to Evade a Shark Attack?)

11. Puppet Becoming a Boy

Reuniting with his father made Pinocchio very happy and to help him earn a living, Pinocchio started working at a pumping machine. He also learned many other trades. Doing so, he managed to save five dollars. But on his way to the market, he gave them to a snail when the snail told him that his fairy mother was in the hospital.

That night, the fairy mother came into his dream and blessed him for his deeds. And the next day, when he woke up, he was a boy, not a puppet anymore. You will read the morals derived from the Pinocchio story summary which are very important and useful. (Also read Adorable Golden Possum that Looks like Pikachu)

12. Pinocchio Short Story Moral Lesson

The Pinocchio story summary has many moral lessons that will be helpful and significant for you throughout your life. You can check out the importance of books in our life.

  • The morals of the Pinocchio story summary are for both kids and adults. The author conveys the message to children that if they are not obedient and behave badly, they have to face a hard life like Pinocchio.
  • The puppet was tortured, bound, and even died because of his self-indulgence. You should always listen and follow the advice of your elders.
  • Even a simple lie can make our lives difficult. You should try to help others because only your own true happiness can be achieved. And being in one’s happiness can sometimes lead to disappointment. (Also read Best Child Psychology Books)
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