Pac Man Ghost Game

What is Pac Man? How to play Pac Man? What is the last competing level of Pac Man? Is Pac Man a successful game?
pacman ghost game 3
pacman ghost game 3

You might have played Pac Man, but have you played Pac Man ghost game? Pac-Man changed the trend of war sports in gaming arcades during the 1980s. This article will discuss Pac-Man, its history, and a detailed version of the character. We will also discuss the Pac Man ghost names and colors. So, let’s begin!

1. Brief Description

Pac-Man is a Japanese maze action game that was released in the 1980s developed for the gaming arcades. It was developed and launched by Namco Entertainment. Its original Japanese title was Pac-Man. It became immensely successful throughout the years. The arcade games may have faded, but they were later translated to consoles, PCs, and mobiles. (See 10 Best Enchantment for Sword in Minecraft)

2. Pac Man Origin Story

In 1974, Namco acquired Atari, a struggling Japanese company. With that ownership, the company began developing and producing games. They created their first game in 1978, known as the Gee Bee, which turned out to be a success. The game Gee Bee also had some sequels named Bomb Bee and Cutie-Q, and they made many popular titles like Space Invaders and Breakout as well. All of this success can be easily credited to Toru Iwatani, one of the first people who was hired in this division of the company. (How 4chan started?)

Then, Pac-Man was released. However, when the game was about to hit the international market, they changed the name to avoid allegations against them. This is because the arcade crowd would often lead to changing the P to an F, hence making it inappropriate for the audience.

  • It is to be noted that Namco Entertainment became defunct due to bankruptcy later on. The game was later bought by Bandai Entertainment on 31st March 2006 and was later rebranded as Bandai Namco Entertainment.
  • Although, Sega had already bought out Bandai in 1997. So, technically, Namco was sold out to Sega.

pacman ghost game 2

3. Pac Man Development Phases

The idea of making a game that could appeal to women would also mean that it would attract not only women but also couples and their families as well. The company appreciated this idea as it would boost sales and would eventually make them more popular in the arcade world. To make the game family-friendly,

  • it could not include violence or anything that consists of blood or, gore.
  • it could not contain graphics that would lead to an adult rating.
  • This might seem discriminatory for women, but in those days, women were portrayed as food and dessert lovers.
  • Additionally, the enemies were supposed to be candies that the player had to eat.
  • Iwatani also thought of giving Pac-Man a pizza-like appearance as well.

The game development began in early 1979 and took about a year and five months to complete. It was the longest time that a game took to develop. The game was released in 1980 under the arcades category.

4. Pac Man Gameplay

As mentioned, Pac-Man is an action maze chase game. The maze is an enclosed shape and works like a semi-3D 2D game. In simpler words, if you go extreme right, you’ll pop out of the left and vice versa. If you go to the extreme top, you’ll pop out from below and vice versa.

  • You control the Pac man viz a yellow circle with a sliced side like a pizza.
  • You must eat or collect all the dots, which are supposed to be candy.
  • While collecting these candies, you also have to protect yourself from the ghosts. These ghosts are intended to look like candy corns. and are capable of tracking the player and finding different ways to block him.
  • You can collect bonus points in the form of energizers like cherry and strawberries, which can also stun the ghosts for a short period of time.

The Pac-Man ghost game had many renditions and different levels. But the classic arcade level can be played on Google as one of its many doodle-based games.

pacman ghost game 1

5. Pac Man Reception & Success

The prediction that it would attract a larger audience was proven right due to the family-friendly nature of the game and led to the game’s success. The Pac-Man ghost game was much more successful in the international market rather than in Japan, which no one had predicted.

  • The game’s early reception was as positive as it was addicting.
  • It didn’t spark any form of violence among children.
  • Over 1000 units of arcades were sold, which led to a marginal profit of over one billion dollars in quarterly sales.
  • Many games took the novelty of Pac-Man and implied it into their games. (See How to level up fast in Clash of Clans?)

6. Pac Man Sequels

Pac-Man’s popularity would also mean that the character would hold several other titles under its name as well. The game is over forty years old. Although only six official games were made as a direct sequel or were sponsored by Namco. Whereas, 100+ unofficial titles were launched such as Ma. Pac-Man, Pac-Man Plus, Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man, Baby Pac-Man, Super Pac-Man, Professor Pac-Man, Pac-Mania, and many others. Today, the game is available on various platforms such as PlayStation, Windows, Xbox, GameCube, iPod, Dreamcast, Android devices, and many more. (See 11 Best Villager Jobs Minecraft)

7. Pac Man Ghost Game

As we have discussed, the game was made with the intention to attract a larger audience. These ghosts originated from the mind of Toru. He thought of making them look colourful and cute instead of looking scary. It might not sit as well with the audience as he was hoping. However, this also received a positive reception from the general audience as well as the programming world, who were amazed by the artificial intelligence of the time. (See Why hay day is addictive?)

8. Pac Man Ghost Names and Colors

There were, in total, four ghosts in the original renditions of the game, and all of them had different names and colors. Also, these four ghosts have different personalities and strategies with which they approach Pac-Man.

  • The red one’s original name was Oikake and was later translated to Blinky in English. His name means shadow, and he is always chasing the Pac-Man directly.
  • Pink and Cyan were named Machibuse and Kimagure, which meant Speedy and Bashful, respectively. The nicknames given to them were Pinky and Inky. These two ghosts usually came from the front of Pac-Man as opposed to Shadow chasing behind.
  • The last one was orange, Otoboke, which meant Pokey, and his nickname was Clyde. He was just random, and sometimes even running away from Pac-Man as well. (See How To Win Final Fantasy 9 Card Game)

9. Pac Man Glitch 256

Pac-Man was designed as a level-based game. The original level one is considered the default classic whenever someone mentions Pac-Man. The game does not have an ending. The more interesting fact is that the game cannot be completed beyond the 256th level. This was an issue with the arcades because there was a programming error in the game that developers didn’t account for. The hardware wasn’t capable at that time to try and rectify the issue.

10. Pac Man in the Media

  • Pac-Man was later developed into an animated series produced by Hannah-Barbera. This series aired between 1982 and 1983 on ABC. During 1982, it was one of the highest-rated cartoon shows in the US.
  • Later in 2013, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, an animated series, was aired on Disney XD.
  • Also, Pac-Man characters appeared in the films Pixels, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Wreck-It Ralph, and Ralph Breaks the Internet. (See 10 Best Anime Series)

Today, we learned about the Pac-Man ghost game and its initial developmental phases. Also, details of Pac Man ghost names and colors, concepts, and performances were discussed in this article. So, go save Pac-Man from ghosts today! (Also read 6 Facts About Psychic Miss Cleo)

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