Video Summary: Overcoming Hopelessness by Nick Vujicic l TEDx Novi Sad

Nick Vujicic: Overcoming Hopelessness Summary (TEDx Novi Sad)
  1. Nick’s message: Transforming the walls into doors

    Nick said that he met so many people including billionaires, slaves, business people and that the people he met are all looking for something, which is hope.

  2. Nick’s parents helped him to choose how he wants to live

    Nick’s parents taught him that even though they don’t know why he is born this way, they have a choice: Either to be angry for what they don’t have or to be thankful for what they do have. The power of that choice is that he has to overcome this obstacle and decide for himself.

  3. Nick said that love can change a life

    Nick explained that when we feel that we don’t have enough love, we don’t have enough hope, so we start losing strength to live. We are all looking for something, we are all looking for hope since we are born with pain. We are born and we live with difficulties.

  4. Nick spoke about how difficult his life as a child was

    During his early years at school, he was teased by kids. For him, his life as a child had a big wall. He was surrounded by 4 walls and 1 ceiling of opportunities. So now wherever he goes, he talks about the value of life, and gives anti-bullying messages for school systems in different nations.

  5. Nick believes that parents’ support is very important

    He was the first special need child to be integrated into a mainstream education system in Australia and was awarded young citizen of the year in 1990. That’s thanks to his parents who loved and encouraged him and told him he was beautiful no matter what.

  6. Nick talked about how discouraging people can be

    Nick said that our minds are filled with lies every day. There are always people who discourage us no matter what. He then continued by saying that what we think as ‘the biggest discourages in our lives’ are not our biggest discourages, but we are.

  7. Nick believes that words can kill

    Nick believes that words are powerful, he said, ‘When you hear hurtful words, your mind starts growing with these lies’. He has always been told that he is not good enough and that he will never succeed in life. He thought about committing suicide by the age of 8 because he thought he had no hope.

  8. Faith is the key to happiness and success

    Nick referred to faith as ‘believing in something you could not see’. He said that words can do so much, but hugs can do much more than words. But when hugs don’t do anything, faith kicks in. For him words and hugs were not enough but he had faith.

  9. How depression can end a life

    Nick started to roll over because of the amount of bullying in his life. He always thought that he was a burden to his parents. He thought he had nothing to look forward to. That’s why the thought of committing suicide started appealing to him. (See How does it feel like to be depressed?)

  10. Nick explained what stopped him from suicide

    He thought about suicide to end the burden, but then a thought rushed into his mind, ‘There was one thing less hopeful than having a child without limbs, it is having a child without limbs who is giving up’. The thought that saved him is the picture of his parents crying at his grave.

  11. Nick addressed a message to all parents

    Nick encouraged all parents to dive into conversations with their kids. Parents should always support and encourage them because if his parents never told him he was special and loved, he wouldn’t have been here today.

  12. Nick explained how valuable a person is

    Every single human has a value and this value is not based on how they look, what job they have, their hometown, birth nor how much money they have. He then asked, ‘Why do we look at ourselves in the mirror and see ugly instead of valuable?’. Money is something that can’t heal the soul.

  13. Nick explained that he doesn’t need limbs for love

    He started by saying that love completes the soul. But he doesn’t need limbs to feel it. He doesn’t need hands to hold his wife’s hand, he only wants to feel her hug. When kids come hugging him with their necks he gets really happy. He believes that even the worst parts in life can become good.

  14. Nick explained why he never had sex before marriage

    Nick said that sex out of marriage is like a five dollars Gucci watch. But sex within marriage with someone who is committed to you is all what love is about. He said, ‘You can talk and sleep to as many people in your life but you never know for sure if they really love you’.

  15. Nick encouraged everyone to have a purpose in life

    ‘You got to come to the truth of knowing who you are and why you’re here’. He believes that everyday’s choices will affect his life, people’s life and his eternal life. He added a William Buckley quote, ‘The greatest 2 days in anyone’s life are the day you were born, and the day you knew why’. (See Video Summary: Our approach to innovation is dead wrong | Diana Kander TEDxKC)

  16. Nick’s self satisfaction helped him a lot

    He said that when a person believes that he is beautiful the way they are, forgetting about all the abusive criticism he gets, he will acquire self satisfaction and will never need to be taller, popular, nor imitate those around him.

  17. Nick’s belief in God led to his ultimate hope in life

    He believes that God can do miracles. He has a pair of shoes in his closet. Why? Because he has seen blind people seeing and deaf people hearing, and he claimed that he has proof on camera.

  18. Nick knows his purpose in life and is working on it

    He believes that if God doesn’t change his circumstances then he is going to use his life to be a miracle for someone else. ‘When you don’t get a miracle, you can still be a miracle for someone else’, he explained.

  19. Nick ended his speech with a personal story

    Nick always wanted to meet someone like him, but he never did. At 24, he met a 19 month child with his same condition. He knew what he’d be going through, from getting bullied to depression. This was a materialization of ‘When you don’t get a miracle, you can be a miracle for someone else’.

  20. Nick’s achievements

    Although Nick has a disability, he confronted all obstacles. He acted more than once, was named as the best actor, got 30 awards, done his own music video, wrote 2 successful books and is known by billions of people today. He has done all of this while he is still 29.

  21. Conclusion

    Nick’s target is to inspire people; if he can dream big, then everyone can. What made him overcome all obstacles is knowing his purpose in life. He named his book ‘Life Without Limits’ because he believes so. He ended the speech by giving an advice, ‘Find your peace and make your wall doors’.

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