Origin of an Ogre

Where does the word Ogre come from? What is a Two-headed Ogre? Is there any Pop culture reference?
1An ogre

An ogre is a mythical monster depicted as huge and hideous who eats babies. They are found in stories and folklore all over the world, mostly present in traditional works of literature especially fairy tales. They are stories with two headed ogre as well. They are considered superior to a single head one and are known to lead. In this article, we will cover more interesting information and facts about an ogre.

1. Where does the Word Ogre Come from?

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  • The word can be traced in a rhyme by late 12th-century poet Chrétien de Troyes. He may have used ogres to refer to dwellers of Britain mentioned in the book of Geoffrey of Monmouth, History of the Kings of Britain. (Also read Anthropomorphic Art Meaning with Examples)
  • In some of his memoirs, Italian writer Giambattista Basile (1575–1632) used the word uerco connected to Neapolitan, and in some other tales, he uses a variation of that word in ordinary Italian i.e. Orco. It can also be found in early Italian literature in the works of Fazio Degli Uberti, Luigi Pulci, and Ludovico Ariosto.
  • Even further back it has connections with the Latin word Orcus and Orcnēas present in the old English poem Beowulf which inspired Orc in the writings of J. R. R. Tolkien.
  • Various similar words, as Tolkien suspected, may have roots in Indo-European mythological history. According to the Academy of France dictionary, it originated from the word Hongrois meaning Hungarian, who were considered monsters in western cultures.
  • It might be related to Og of the Bible and even the father of Orpheus, Oeagrus. It has been widely used by French authors like Charles Perrault and Madame d’Aulnoy.
  • Perrault first used it in his book Histoires ou Contes du temps Passé (1696) and later in several other stories inspired by Basile’s Neapolitan tales. His version of Sleeping Beauty contains the word Ogresse, considered the first instance of a female ogre used in a story.
  • Madame d’Aulnoy first used ogre in her story L’Orangier et l’Abeille (1698) was the first to refer to the creature’s offspring with the word Ogree. (See Where do Ogres Live?)

2. What is the Culture Reference of an Ogre?

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The ogres can be observed in popular culture in the following examples:

  • They are presented as opponents in the 1996 video game Quake. In the famous MMORPG Everquest game, they are seen as a player class. In MMORPG RuneScape, ogres are non-player characters that can be attacked.
  • In the 2018 video game God of War, despite having no links with Norse mythology historically, they are antagonists. In Warhammer Fantasy Battle, they rule various areas of the world in empires inspired by the Mongols and are a prominent faction.
  • While they are nomadic tribes in a game called Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. In both the games they are savages with extreme hunger and are renowned for eating other creatures. In Warhammer 40,000, Ogryns are fat, dumb, and exceptionally tall beings presented as a subdivision of humankind. They are a reference to ogres.
  • Ella Enchanted, a film from 2004, contains three ogres. Shrek from the famous Shrek comedy film series is a titular ogre. He eats insects and plays in the mud like an ogre however he is not a monster. Ogres referred to in Shrek films have the same intellectual ability as humans and they mirror them barring their looks and filthy habits. (Also read Pinocchio Story Summary)

3. What is a Two Headed Ogre?

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  • The two-headed ogres are usually the leaders of the Ogre tribes in which they were born. They consider themselves superior to others and they behave that way. They are generally proud and hasty. They push through their problems. What makes them lethal is that they are never alone, even when they are. Here you can read more about two headed ogre. Also, check out the top 10 miraculous ladybug characters villains.
  • They are not evenly balanced and weigh 15 to 20 pounds more than a normal ogre. One head has two eyes and the other has only one. They have the same eye color ranging from brown to blood-red which takes time to get used to. They suppress all other races apart from Orcs with whom they have a working relationship. (Also read Insights of Acme Warner Bros)

Now after this thorough history and origin of an Ogre, it is time to fascinate your friends with your knowledge of mythology, especially the haunting characteristics of two headed ogre. We are concluding this article with the famous lines of W.H. Auden, The Ogre does what ogres can. Deeds are quite impossible for man, but one prize is beyond his reach: The Ogre cannot master speech. (Also read Examples of Famous Acrostic Poems)

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