6 Nasal Hair Facts

What is the Reason behind the Hair in the Nose? Why do they Grow? Are they of any Use? How to Get Rid of them? Is Removing these Harmful?
Nasal hair facts - hair trimmer

Just like animals have hairs so do humans. But you are not animals in this sense. Hairs in different parts of your body have different purposes. For example, the hair on your head makes you look younger, beautiful, and nice. But hairs on limbs are considered unnecessary or a point of shame for some people. Yet their presence cannot be denied. Similarly, nasal hair is the hair present in the inner linings of the two holes (Nostrils) of the nose. If they are inside the nose and have no purpose then why do we have them?

1. What is Nasal Hair?

Basically, the hair that grows in the nostrils of human beings is termed nasal hair. Everyone has them irrespective of their gender whether male or female. They grew after a particular age and are not found in babies. These tiny hairs are also known as cilia. (Also read What is a Hair Cowlick?)

2. Why do We have Nose Hair?

So, if you think that nasal hairs are of no use then you are wrong. Just like the filter we place between the grounded coffee and the mug, these hairs act like the filter between our nose and lungs. These hairs filter all the air that enters the nostrils and then the clean air passes to the lungs. The bacteria, viruses, dust, etc whatever enters the nose with the inhaled air gets stuck in these wet hairs and then the clean air gets through the trachea and then into the lungs.

Remember you do not sneeze because of them. But you do sneeze when some impurities if stuck in them. (Also read 14 Disastrous Health Effects of Smoking)

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3. How Long can They Grow?

Unless and until they are trimmed they continue to grow. Just like your head, the nostrils also have several follicles (tiny holes from where hair grows). So depending upon the body these hairs can also grow at their pace and go up to a length that is much more than that you can think.  Also as a matter of fact, from every follicle of the nostrils, approximately 6 feet long hair are grown in a lifetime of a human.

Apart from that, like the other bodily hairs, it gets more black in color, and coarse as they are removed over and over again for years. Similarly, as you age, the nasal hair also becomes harder and coarser. (Also read Why do people touch their nose while speaking?)

4. Can Removing Nasal Hair Count as a Way to Get Rid of them?

No, removing cannot make you get rid of the nasal hairs. They are there for an important function. So to remove them just for the looks is not a good idea and it may cause some health problems as well.

  • But still cutting them carefully with round-tipped scissors can make them short in length so that they are not visible outside the nose.
  • Nowadays, there are several devices to trim these hairs also just like other body hair. Electric/rotating trimmers are a good choice. (Also read 29 Types of Makeup Every Woman Should Know About

5. What to Avoid while Removing Nasal Hairs?

Removing or shortening them may be a good choice but there is a certain measure that should be followed in order to remain safe and prevent you from any future injuries or infections.

  • Firstly, do not use those pointed scissors because they can cut the sensitive and soft muscles inside the nostrils and may lead to blood flow, infection and pain.
  • Unlike other hair, these hairs are much more sensitive. So plucking them is not a good idea. These can cause pain, infections, or more debris may get accumulated in the air passage, damaging the nerves of the mucous membrane inside the nose.
  • Secondly, waxing is not a good choice. It will also be harsh on the sensitive tissues of the inside linings of the nostrils.
  • And lastly, keep those hair removing creams or shaving creams away from your nostrils. They can clean out these hairs easily but can build toxic fumes which are harmful if entered the respiratory tract. The chemical content present in those creams may harm and even burn the mucus membrane. (Also read How to Breathe through Both Nostrils?)

6. Prevents Asthma….Really?

It is a condition that swells and narrows airways producing extra mucus. Breathing becomes difficult and it triggers coughing. Asthma patients are overly sensitive to dust particles and impurities. Since nasal hair traps them in your nostrils, they prevent the impurities from entering the respiratory tract. According to an international study, the more dense these hairs are the more they will reduce the risk of asthma. (Also read How to treat a Bad Cough?)

nasal hair 2

So there are several reasons as to why do we have nose hair but the most important among them is that they are your very own natural air filters for your body. Your nose is quite useful when it comes to purifying as well as smell. Since it is also a part of the human body, so just like all other body parts have hair that very same reason stands to affirm about nose hairs too. (Also read Pubic Hair Wig Fashion)

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