Narcos Summary: Descenso – Episode 1 Season 1


What happened in Narcos Season 1 Episode 1? Narcos Descenso Summary: Episode 1 Season 1

  1. The ‘Search Block’ kills Poison

    A few years after the rise of Pablo Escobar, the CIA identified ‘Poison,’ Escobar’s number 1 sicario (i.e., hit-man) and gave his location to the DEA agent, Steve Murphy, who eventually killed Poison outside a nightclub with the help of the Colombian special force ‘Search Block’.

  2. Cockroach escapes to Colombia

    Chilean drug chemist, Cockroach, escapes death to Colombia. After his lab was being attacked by Chilean special forces, he wanted to partner with Colombian smugglers and eventually picked Escobar over the ‘too soft’ Ochoa brothers and the ‘too aggressive’ José Rodríguez Gacha.

  3. Escobar proving his authority over DAS member

    Still a smuggler, Escobar approaches a group of DAS (i.e., Colombian FBI) on the road to Medellin, surprises them with how much info he had about every one of them and threatening with death if not accepting his gifts and work for him using the phrase ‘Plata ou Plomo’ (i.e., money or bullets)

  4. Escobar makes a deal with Cockroach

    Escobar and his cousin Gustavo Gaviria both make a deal with Cockroach who asks for their help smuggling into Colombia the cocaine he manufactures in Peru. Escobar’s plan, however, was to smuggle it to Miami and sell it for 10X the price.

  5. A flashback of Steve Murphy’s life in Miami before the Escobar era

    A flashback in 1979 shows DEA agent, Murphy, chasing a sloppy cannabis dealer wearing flip-flops on a beach in Miami. Murphy then goes to celebrate with his partner, Keven Brady, in a bar where he first meets his future wife Connie. (See Narcos Summary: Season 1 Episode 10: Despegue)

  6. Escobar checks the cocaine labs in Peru and makes his smuggling debut

    Escobar went to view Cockroach’s labs in Peru and saw how cocaine was processed before he agreed to start their partnership with him smuggling, not just one, but five kilos of cocaine to Colombia by stuffing them inside car wheels to make $540K per trip.

  7. Escobar started manufacturing cocaine in Colombia

    In Medellin, Escobar launched his first lab in Colombia and called it, ‘The Kitchen’ to start – with the help of Cockroach – manufacturing cocaine domestically rather than frequently move to and from Peru.

  8. Escobar makes his first smuggle to Miami

    With the help of a friend of Gustavo Gaviria called ‘the Lion’, Escobar made his first drug smuggle to the US by convincing the Lion to wear a jacket stuffed with 3 packs of cocaine, making it the first of 20 deliveries done by the Lion who was one of the first to ever bring cocaine to Miami. (See Narcos Summary: Season 1 Episode 5 – There Will Be a Future)

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